Our design home accessories always have a story to tell.

Whether it's a vase that adapts to the bouquet of flowers it holds, a clever way to hang a coat rack, a graphic interpretation of time in a clock or a tea towel with a dual function. Each product has a twist but remains functional and durable. As far as we are concerned, that is what design is all about. A great gift for yourself or someone else!

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vij5 chaku door kellerfreyschmidt noten met rood koord 2020 image by vij5 img 7967
vij5 chaku door kellerfreyschmidt 2020 image by vij5 img 8065
 39,00 45,00
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elementiles exampleset1 shop
ddw2018 vij5 showroom 2018 image by vij5 img 0791 shop
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vij5 fixum 2019 image by vij5 img 3042 wordpress
vij5 fixum @ object rotterdam closeup
 59,95 64,95
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vij5 fixum rapeseed wax candles img 4648
 9,95 34,95
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vij5 lookshelf 23 cm 02 2013 image by vij5
lookshelf detail 1024x681 1
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vij5 plain boards shop
vij5 plain boards img 2664 wordpress square
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vij5 pragen by hanne willmann 2017 wordpress
vij5 pragen by hanne willmann 2017 wordpress 3
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solid hooks tempered shop
copperbrasshooks shop
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sampleseries doorsnede 70 mm
sampleseriesmessing shop
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