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OER Tableware Eindhoven

The OER Tableware collection is made of porcelain clay mixed with iron sludge (primal) extracted directly from the water production plant in Eindhoven. Iron sludge is a natural residual material released during the purification process of our tap water.

Its light beige hue with dark brown speckles is due to the iron sludge that has been mixed with porcelain as a color pigment. The outside is unglazed, giving it a soft but slightly rough texture. On the inside is a smooth protective layer of transparent glaze.

The tableware consists of six different shapes that can be combined with each other. Of course, it is food- and dishwasher-safe. The material used to color the porcelain represents a piece of consciousness. It refers to one of the most important resources of our planet; water.

16-piece OER dinnerware:
- 4x Bowl S 12×6.5cm
- 4x Deep plate M 17.5×2.9cm
- 4x Plate M 20,5×1,5cm
- 4x Plate L 26.5×1.5cm

24-piece OER dinnerware:
- 4x Plate M 20.5×1.5cm
- 4x Plate L 26.5×1.5cm
- 4x Deep plate M 17.5×2.9cm
- 4x Deep plate L 22.5×3.3cm
- 4x Bowl S 12×6.5cm
- 4x Bowl M 18,5×4,7cm

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The OER dinnerware was designed by Lotte de Raadt & Kirstie van Noort. Lotte & Kirstie both have their own design studio, and Share a ceramics workshop in Eindhoven at the collective NulZes. From here they start their research and produce their own collections on a small scale. The Oer project has been in development since 2016. In consultation with each other, the designers explore different possibilities for the application of iron sludge (primal) in ceramic products. At the time, the KWR (Knowledge Center for Water Research) asked them to consider applications with the residual stream from the production process of tap water. The desire was to use this instead of letting it flow back into the sewer.

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1x Bowl S 12cm & 1x Bowl M 18.5cm, 1x Plate M 20.5cm & 1x Plate L 26.5cm, 1x Deep plate M 17.5cm & 1x Deep plate L 22.5cm, 24-piece dinnerware for 4 people, 16-piece dinnerware for 4 people




Kirstie van Noort, Lotte de Raadt


produced locally in the Netherlands



in collection

since 2023