We are Arjan & Anieke, Publishers of Design Products.

Under our brand Vij5 we publish a collection of interior accessories, lighting and furniture. We do this with a lot of attention and enthusiasm. As publishers our work is content driven, prioritizing the product and the story behind it.

Vij5 - Publishers of Design Products - Introduction, Dutch Design from Eindhoven

The basis of Vij5 is the design of beautiful and functional products for the interior. We offer designers and creators a platform on which we develop, create and distribute new design products together. We do this with a lot of attention and enthusiasm.

We play a linking role with the aim of creating a positive impact for the people around us. With the Vij5 collection we cherish the craftsmanship of product designers.

foto arjan anieke vij5 uitgevers van design producten door kaatje verschoren

Portrait photo by Kaatje Verschoren

"As a publisher, we work from content: the product and the story come first."

Arjan & Anieke

De Vij5
steps into the
process of
each product

From our studio & showroom in Eindhoven we fulfill a linking role between designers, makers and buyers. We always go through 5 important steps:

At the basis of everything is the design of beautiful and functional products for the interior. We collect concepts that touch us and bring them together in a personal collection. We then translate these concepts into producible products. We ensure that the products are made with care by professionals and finally we share the products with the world.

vij5 showroom ddw2019 img 4595 kopie

"Transparency of the chain comes naturally to us."

Arjan & Anieke, Vij5

For us, transparency in the production chain does not just mean providing information about where something has been produced. Our chain starts much earlier: with the designer of the product!

By being closely involved in the translation of a design into a finished product, we can communicate openly and transparently about all facets of our collection and provide insight into the choices we make. In doing so, we try to create a positive impact for all parties involved.

DDW 2020:
an appointment

Do you have a question or would you like to visit us in Eindhoven? We like to think along with you!

The physical part of Dutch Design Week (DDW) will unfortunately not take place this year, but fortunately there are still two alternatives:

DDW Virtual: the official virtual platform of Dutch Design Week. From 17 October you can visit our 3D Viewing Room here.

Vij5 Showroom open by appointment: our showroom contains many new items, colours and stories from DDW onwards. We are open by appointment for press & interior design professionals. As a consumer, you can also make an appointment if you are interested in a specific product.

You can make an appointment in our online agenda below:

"With a new corporate identity, website and language we explain to you in 5 steps who we are, what we do and what our role is in the process that every product at Vij5 goes through. We are expanding the collection with a number of new products, which will be launched both online and in the Vij5 showroom in the coming weeks".

Arjan & Anieke
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Also after the Dutch Design Week you are welcome in our showroom by appointment, please go to our contact page to make an appointment.

DDW @ Home surprise package from Vij5

"Discovering new products, getting inspired, hearing beautiful stories from designers, doing a little design shopping and drinking a cup of coffee with something tasty. Just some things that, as far as we're concerned, really belong to a Dutch Design Week visit".

Arjan & Anieke

With the DDW @ Home - surprise package from Vij5 you can bring a piece of physical DDW experience to your own home!

The package can be ordered from now on and during DDW from 17-25 October via our webshop.

Tip: Give someone else a piece of physical DDW experience! We will then send the package to another address and can add a card with a personal message.

Arjan & Anieke,
the founders
of Vij5.

Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst are together Vij5. They met during their studies and immediately after their graduation in 2006 they started doing business from a designer's perspective, in order to be able to market their own products. Together they created the basis of the Vij5 collection and a business model to distribute the products at home and abroad. Their best known design is the FlexVase, with which they won a Dutch Design Award in 2009.

Arjan: "As designers, we quickly realised that we found both the creative and the business side of our work interesting. We created a nice network around us, which we wanted to share with others. That's how we started to work together with befriended designers. By including their products in our collection Vij5 has grown."

Anieke: "Our personalities are completely different but by talking to each other we bring the differences to each other. This interaction increases the quality of our work. Only when we agree together, a product is ready and approved".

Arjan: "Anieke's attention and perfectionism is reflected in all aspects of Vij5 . Her eye for detail and love for harmony ensures that all the dots on the i are really right. From what we include in the collection, to how something is made and how it is finally in the box or on the photo. With this attention she also focuses on our long term vision".

Anieke: "Arjan prefers quality over quantity and is known for his unlimited enthusiasm. By the way, his enthusiasm also ensures that we can switch quickly. His strength lies in thinking along with others. Because of his solution-oriented and pragmatic attitude we get a lot done".

vij5 @ home 2020 image by vij5 img 6152

Why "Vij5"?

Vij5 pronounces you as 'five' and simply refers to our favourite number.

Arjan & Anieke

When founding our brand, we were looking for a neutral name in which not the designers, but the products would be in the foreground. By placing a 5 on the place of the f, the word has the same kind of twist as the products in our collection. Later we found out that the number 5 is a connecting number according to Chinese philosophy. That fits very well with the linking role we play between designers, makers and buyers!

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Our collection is available online through the webshop of Vij5, but also through the Vij5 showroom in Eindhoven and through high-end design and interior design shops in the Netherlands and abroad.

The products from the Vij5 collection are also used on a project basis by renowned professionals, such as (interior) architects and stylists.

de Vij5

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the latest
items in the
Vij5 collection.

A selection of the latest products & variations in the Vij5 collection:

Click here for the complete collection!

vij5 bl28 led by david derksen @ object rotterdam 2019 image by vij5 img 1882

BL28 LED by David Derksen

vij5 tempered steel panels by max lipsey 2019 image by vij5 4324 1 533x800 1

Tempered Steel Panels by Max Lipsey

ddw2018 vij5 showroom 2018 image by vij5 img 0762

Coatrack by the Meter by Maarten Baptist

tap water carafe stoneware terracotta portrait

Tap Water Carafe by Lotte de Raadt