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Tempered Steel Panels | design magnetic board/memo board in tempered steel

Discover the beauty of tempered steel with our Tempered Steel Panels. These magnetic panels were inspired by Max Lipsey's fascination with the vibrant properties of this material. Simply set steel panels form an unbroken canvas on which the splendor of the tempering technique comes to life.

The panels are not only decorative, but also functional. Use them as wall coverings for a unique look in any room and give your interior a unique touch. Or add a set of magnets and transform the panel into a handy memo board for organizing images, notes and to-do lists.

Thanks to a silk gloss lacquer finish, our Tempered Steel Panels can even double as a whiteboard, giving you even more opportunities to express your creativity. For added convenience, a matching magnetic shelf is optionally available, perfect for storing markers, notes and other personal items.

Each panel is unique and is personally tempered by Max Lipsey.

  • Versatile in use
  • Unique character
  • Optional magnetic shelf

Made in Eindhoven


 85,00 -  295,00

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When steel is heated beyond 200 °C, it undergoes a wild transformation of colors. This phenomenon is the basis of the enchanting Tempered Steel Panels. While tempering steel is normally aimed at increasing the material's elasticity and plasticity, our Tempered Steel Panels are specifically designed to reveal these beautiful colors, giving each panel a unique look.

The color palette is created from the base material and varies from piece to piece, giving each panel its own unique character. The process of making the Tempered Steel Panels is impressive to watch. When you see Max at work, you automatically share his fascination! Read more about it on our collection page or read the designer interview with Max Lipsey on our blog.

Discover the magic of Tempered Steel Panels, where craftsmanship and aesthetics come together in harmony.

Want to know more about Tempered Steel Panels?

Discover the Vij5 steps in the Tempered Steel Panels process on the collection page with more images and background information!

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Tempered Steel Panel - size A1, Tempered Steel Panel - magnetic shelf


Max Lipsey


checked and packaged by Vij5, produced in the workshop of/by the designer himself, produced locally in the Netherlands.


tempered steel

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since 2019