About us

We are Arjan & Anieke, Publishers of Design Products.

Under our brand Vij5, we curate a collection of interior accessories, lighting, and furniture. We do this with great care and enthusiasm. As publishers our work is content driven, prioritizing the product and the story behind it.

Vij5 - Publishers of Design Products - Introduction, Dutch Design from Eindhoven

At the core of Vij5 is the design of beautiful and functional interior products. We provide a platform for designers and makers to collaboratively develop, create, and distribute new design products.

Our aim is to create a positive impact for the people around us by playing an essential linking role. With the Vij5 collection we cherish the craftsmanship of product designers.

"As publishers our work is content driven, prioritizing the product and the story behind it."

Arjan & Anieke

Arjan & Anieke,
the founders
of Vij5

Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst together form Vij5. They met during their studies and immediately after their graduation in 2006 they started their own business from a designer's perspective, in order to be able to market their own products.

Together they created the basis of the Vij5 collection and a business model to distribute the products both local as internationally.

Their best known design is the FlexVase, with which they won a Dutch Design Award in 2009.

Photo by Kaatje Verschoren

Arjan: "As designers, we quickly realised that we found both the creative and the business side of our work interesting. We created a nice network around us, which we wanted to share with others. That's how we started to work together with befriended designers. By including their products in our collection Vij5 has grown."

Anieke: "Our personalities are completely different but by talking to each other we bring the differences to each other. This interaction increases the quality of our work. Only when we agree together, a product is ready and approved".

vij5 @ home 2020 image by vij5 img 6152

Arjan: "Anieke's attention and perfectionism is reflected in all aspects of Vij5 . Her eye for detail and love for harmony ensures that all the dots on the i are really right. From what we include in the collection, to how something is made and how it is finally in the box or on the photo. With this attention she also focuses on our long term vision".

Anieke: "Arjan is known for his unlimited enthusiasm. His strength lies in thinking along with others and optimizing work processes and methods. This way he often manages to get a better result with more ease and less effort. His enthusiasm also ensures that we can switch quickly. Because of his solution-oriented and pragmatic attitude, we get a lot done."

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The Vij5
steps in the
process of
every product

From our studio in Eindhoven, we fulfill a connecting role between designers, makers and buyers. In doing so, we always go through 5 important steps:

At the heart of everything we do is the design of beautiful and functional interior products. We collect concepts that inspire us and bring them together in a personal collection (curate). Then, we translate these concepts into producible items. We ensure that the products are created with care by skilled artisans, and finally, we share these products with the world.