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Designer interview: Jenna Postma

OBJECT Rotterdam 2021

2021 05 nieuwe oost image by vij5 13 wordpress

Vij5 Ambassador Nieuwe Oost

edwin pelser image by vij5 10 wordpress

Vij5 Ambassador Edwin Pelser

vij5 object rotterdam image by blickfanger 007

Vij5 Podcast - Sharing

vij5 image by blickfanger desiree wevers pigmentsporcelain 0445

Vij5 Podcast - Making

vij5 studio thiervandaalen 0093 800x1200 1

Designer interview: Studio Thier & van Daalen

vij5 image by blickfanger stoffeerder schair dressedcabinet 0066

Vij5 podcast - Translation

beeld voor blog 1920x960 1

Designer interview: Atelier LVDW

vij5 studio thiervandaalen 0109 800x1200 1

Vij5 Podcast - Collecting

vij5 image by blickfanger daphna laurens lookshelf longshade 0059

Designer interview: Daphna Laurens

vij5 stills 013

Vij5 Podcast - Designing

David Derksen (image by Blickfanger)

Designer interview: David Derksen

vij5 object2020 4

OBJECT Rotterdam 2020

vij5 showroom ddw2019 img 4480 web

Dutch Design Week 2019 - We're Open!

van nelle fabriek 1 1140 642 80 s c1 c c

Design District 2019

vij5 tilt bar stool by floris hovers @ object rotterdam 2019 image by vij5 img 1835 press 768x1152 1

OBJECT Rotterdam 2019

arctic char chefs table veranda icehotel wordpress

Pigments & Porcelain - Icehotel, Sweden

ddw2018 vij5 showroom 2018 image by vij5 img 0992 1

Dutch Design Week 2018 - Choose Colour

2018 10 the young collectors 2018 snapshots studio thiervandaalen web 5

The Young Collectors' - DDW 2018

dutch design week business lounge by vij5 2018 image by vij5 img 0884 1

Dutch Design Week Business Lounge by Vij5

dutch design week press centre by vij5 2018 image by vij5 img 0932 1

Dutch Design Week Press Centre by Vij5

vij5 @ design district 2018 perspective from right 1

Image report Design District 2018

ctd thedots14 def square

Made for/with each other, interview in 'Connecting the Dots', Milan 2017

newspaperwood setting 1040x693 1

Interview with Mieke Meijer

newspaperwood pattern landscape e1486993159414