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Kirstie van Noort

Kirstie van Noort

Kirstie van Noort graduated in 2011 from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Department of Man and Well-Being. She has been running her own research and design studio in Eindhoven since 2012.

In 2012, she received the Material Award for her design research in Cornwall regarding the production process of kaolin/white porcelain. She participated in many exhibitions and gave lectures worldwide explaining her way of working. In 2014, she completed a two-month artist- in- residency in Japan where she researched local porcelain production.

Kirstie is currently working with companies as a (materials) researcher. She sees design as a way to communicate a particular process or the story behind a material. When she becomes integrated by either, she initiates a detailed investigation. The results communicate the concept behind the final product, sometimes the research itself also becomes the final work

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