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Tap Water Carafe | self-cooling designer water carafe, handmade in stoneware

The Tap Water Carafe is a tribute to Dutch tap water and a statement for sustainability.

Did you know that Dutch tap water is top quality and as much as 2,000 times cheaper than bottled water? With our Tap Water Carafe we want to encourage the use of tap water while saving the environment. No more plastic bottles, no more polluting transport, just pure tap water in a beautifully crafted carafe.

Made of unglazed stoneware, this carafe has a remarkable feature: it cools water naturally. How it works. Through the pores of the clay, a small portion of the water content filters and evaporates as soon as it comes into contact with the outside air. This ancient process, often used in the Middle East, provides natural cooling without energy consumption.

Please note that this decanter will leak some water through the bottom, which is a normal part of this natural evaporation process. Place the decanter on a surface that can withstand water stains, or use a coaster.

  • Handmade in small series
  • Cools water without a refrigerator
  • Saves plastic bottles and polluting transportation

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Made in Eindhoven



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The handmade Tap Water Carafe is more than just a water carafe as a beautiful addition to your table. It is a clever design that promotes the use of tap water and can cool water without the need for the refrigerator. The shapes are inspired by the origins of Dutch tap water: the tall bottle with a long neck refers to water deep from the ground. The low, bulky bottle is the ideal shape for collecting surface water. The third can be filled with dune water. The stopper of the carafe reminds you where the water comes from: straight from the tap, of course!

Lotte de Raadt 's Design emphasizes the beauty of water, thereby encouraging more conscious use of this precious natural resource. The Tap Water Carafe is perhaps her most self-explanatory design, emerging from this theme.

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Lotte de Raadt


stoneware natural, stoneware terracotta color


dune water Ø 9.5cm height 25cm, ground water Ø 9cm height 30cm, surface water Ø 10cm height 22cm


checked and packaged by Vij5, produced in the workshop of/by the designer himself, produced locally in the Netherlands.


approx. 1 liter