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Tap Water Carafe

The Tap Water Carafe is made of unglazed stoneware. This material has the remarkable ability to cool water without the use of a refrigerator.

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Made in Eindhoven



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With its traditionally manufactured Tap Water Carafe , Lotte de Raadt aims to promote the use of tap water. Dutch tap water is top quality drinking water and it is 2000 times cheaper than bottled water. More importantly, it requires no environmentally polluting plastic bottles or transportation.

The shape of the carafe refers to the origin of Dutch water. The tall bottle with a long neck refers to water deep from the ground. The low, bulky bottle is the ideal shape for collecting surface water. The third can be filled with dune water. The stopper clearly refers to where the contents are tapped: from the tap, of course!

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Lotte de Raadt


stoneware natural, stoneware terracotta colour


dune water Ø 9,5cm height 25cm, ground water Ø 9cm height 30cm, surface water Ø 10cm height 22cm


checked and packaged by Vij5, produced in the workshop of/by the designer himself, produced locally in the Netherlands.


approx. 1 litre