Discover the versatility of our garden furniture, where timeless design meets functionality. Chair 18×36 and Table 18×54 are made of high-quality PEFC-certified oak and treated with natural linseed oil, enriched with a fungicide, to ensure long-lasting enjoyment of this beautiful furniture. And for lovers of greenery, our aluminum Plant Collectors flower pots offer the perfect opportunity to create your own personal plant landscape wherever you like - in your garden or on your patio. Enrich your outdoor life today with the timeless charm and functionality of our garden furniture and accessories!

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Tafel 18x54   Floris Hovers & Vij5   IMG 0399 vierkant
Tafel 18x54 Floris Hovers Vij5 IMG 0214
 729,00 -  1.779,00
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Stoel 18x36 Tafel 18x54 Floris Hovers Vij5 IMG 0380 VIERKANT
Stoel 18x36 Floris Hovers Vij5 IMG 0412
Oorspronkelijke prijs was: € 1.690,00.Huidige prijs is: € 1.290,00.
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