The hall is the entrance of your house and therefore the first thing guests see when they enter your house. So make your hallway an inviting and tidy reception area with the help of design elements.

Indispensable in the hall is of course a good coatrack, such as the Coatrack by the Meter byMaarten Baptist. This coatrack is available in three lengths that you can connect to each other as you see fit, but can also be a beautiful element on your wall.

For a more playful effect combine a number of different sizes of Solid Hooks wall hooks from Max Lipsey. Extra storage space is created, for example, thanks to the Red Dot Design Award winning Tumble cupboard from Max Lipsey. Koen Devoswhich is opened by gravity. Combine this with a chic Moonrise Mirror or an enchanting Glint Light on the wall.

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Vij5 Alf noten IMG 1441 1
vij5 alf door gustav rosen 2020image by vij5 img 8207
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Vij5 Malda by Studio PESI 2020 image by Vij5 IMG 8766 Pistachio IMG 8766 op grijs vierkan t 1 e1649089752785
vij5 malda by studio pesi 2020 image by vij5 img 8770 powder
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Vij5 Jute Light by Atelier LvdW IMG 9415 800x1200 vierkant
vij5 jute light by atelier lvdw img 9387 2021 image by vij5
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IMG 7292 2 vierkant web
vij5 angled cabinet by thier van daalen at kazerne hotel eindhoven 2019 image by vij5 img 3663 shop
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vij5 dressed cabinet @ object rotterdam 2019 image by vij5 img 1845
vij5 dressed cabinet @ object rotterdam 2019 square
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Glint Light champagne suspension shop 1
glint light s chair trestle table @ object rotterdam foto door vij5
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vij5 le belge system set 16 stokken 04 2011 image by vij5
lebelgesystem 0 1140x450 1
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Lloop Koper gepolijst
Lloop Classic zalm zuurstok snoer detail
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Vij5 LookShelf Setting 08 image by Daphna Laurens webshop
lookshelf detail 1024x681 1
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vij5 moonrisemirror green 2015 setting 01 image by vij5 800x800 1
moonrise mirror green detail square
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Vij5 Trestle Table by David Derksen IMG 8461 2018 image by Vij5
Vij5 DDW2022 IMG 3837 e1672927761183