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Chaku (coaster)

The Chaku is a handy trivet for hot pots and pans, consisting of two triangular wooden shapes connected by a short rope made from recycled PET bottles. You can position the Chaku as needed by placing the shapes apart or close together. The triangular wooden profiles ensure stability no matter in which position they are placed. In this way, this design supports everything from a hot pan to a griddle, depending on the size and shape of the utensils.

  • Made with durable materials
  • Supports different sizes
  • Handmade in small editions

Made in Eindhoven


Local production The Netherlands


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The name of the Chaku is derived from the "nunchaku," an item from Japanese martial arts. Although somewhat similar in appearance, the Chaku performs a completely different function as a coaster. It is designed to enhance your cooking experience by offering a combination of functionality and style. Whether you are a passionate chef who regularly experiments in the kitchen or just looking for a convenient solution to protect your tabletop. As easily as the Chaku performs on the table, you can also store this coaster when not in use. For example, hang it on a nice hook or put it in your cutlery drawer.

Want to know more about this designer coaster?

Discover the Vij5 steps in the process of Chaku on the collection page with more images and background information!



oak, walnut


beige cord, blue cord, mixed cord, red cord, black cord




produced locally in the Netherlands



in collection

since 2020