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The FlexVase consists of one basic shape with three different attachments which can be interchanged to match the vase to the bouquet.

PLEASE NOTE: The FlexVase in porcelain is unfortunately sold out. There is still a small series of b-choice specimens available, which you can find here in our webshop: FlexVase B-Choice



Unfortunately sold out

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Using a closure inspired by the famous weck jar clamp, the pieces are held together by a practical clip. The silver-colored clip contrasts with the bright white porcelain and is a decorative and functional element at the same time. In addition, a black rubber ring keeps the porcelain parts from touching each other. The FlexVase has an archetypal shape and comes as a complete set including three attachments.

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Arjan van Raadshooven & Anieke Branderhorst




base vase 20 cm high Ø 22 cm, high attachment 21.5 cm high, small attachment 11.5 cm high, wide attachment 13 cm high


finishing and assembly at Vij5, manufactured in China

in collection

since 2006