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Plant Collectors (flower pots)

The Plant Collectors are flower pot and plant stand in one, literally putting your plants on a pedestal. These cleverly designed creations are a versatile solution for plant lovers looking for something special. The stackable tubes can either be filled with plant soil or placed upside down to create height for a second flower pot.

Made of durable aluminum and coated with a special textured Powder coating, the Plant Collectors are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The coating not only protects against weathering, but also gives the Plant Collectors a unique look that fits perfectly with various interiors and garden designs.

What really sets these Plant Collectors apart is the ability to stack and combine:

For indoor use, the specially designed oak disc allows two tubes to be attached together to create height, allowing you to create a beautiful, multi-layered display of your plants. For a single flower pot, the disc acts as a decorative stand ring. In addition, this attachment provides a watertight pot, allowing you to maintain a clean and tidy environment inside. With a convenient hanging mechanism, the Plant Collectors can also be hung from a thin black steel cable.

For outdoor use, we recommend using the pots without the wooden disk. This actually leaves the bottom hole of the flower pots open, allowing excess water to drain easily. This prevents the roots of your plants from standing in water for too long, which can lead to root rot and other problems. This keeps your plants healthy even in changing weather conditions. By combining the three different heights in which the Plant Collectors are available, you can still work with height differences to create unique and personalized presentations for your plants.

With the Plant Collectors you give your plants the attention they deserve, while at the same time enriching your interior or garden with these functional and stylish accessories. Discover the possibilities now and bring your green oasis to life with the Plant Collectors!

  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Creative opportunities

Local production The Netherlands

Starting at 89.

Vij5 Plant Collectors bloempot en plantenstandaard plant tubes laag zonder ring
Plant Collector low
Vij5 Plant Collectors bloempot en plantenstandaard plant tubes medium zonder ring
Plant Collector medium
Vij5 Plant Collectors bloempot en plantenstandaard plant tubes hoog zonder ring
Plant Collector high

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Plant Collectors are innovative flower pots and plant stands that offer endless creative possibilities for showcasing your plants both indoors and outdoors. With their stackable design and unique attachment system, you can create special and personalized plant displays that enrich your space.

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Discover the Vij5 steps in the Plant Collectors process on the collection page with more images and background information!



Diameter tube 16cm, heights: low 14cm, medium 26cm & high 40cm, solid oak disk approx 2cm thick .

in collection

since 2021


aluminum, oak, Powder coating


checked and packed by Vij5, locally produced in the Netherlands