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Solid Hooks (wall hooks)

Discover the versatility of our Solid Hooks wall hooks. These stylish and functional hooks are a perfect design for hanging coats, bags, and more, giving everything an instant decorative touch. Crafted from high-quality solid copper, brass, or (tempered) steel, they offer durability and a luxurious look.

Easy to assemble with the included screws, these coat hooks are a practical addition to any room. They can also serve as handles for (kitchen) cabinets. Attach the Solid Hooks effortlessly to the back of a cabinet door and transform the look of your interior with a subtle yet stylish touch.

Get inspired and upgrade your home with these multifunctional wall hooks!

  • Stylish versatility
  • Durable materials
  • Easy to assemble

Tip: the smallest hook (80 gr) is perfect for hanging a TwoTowel to hang from!

Made in Eindhoven

 26,00 -  37,00

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Discover the versatility of our Solid Hooks wall hooks, a practical and decorative design that makes a sophisticated addition to any interior! With these hooks, anything you hang from them instantly takes on a stylish look.

Give your favorite items from your wardrobe the attention they deserve in your bedroom, or create an elegant corner in the bathroom for your bathrobe. In the kitchen, add a subtle detail by hanging your tea towel, towel or TwoTowel hanging on one of the smaller hooks. And of course, the Solid Hooks also make for a chic entrance: mix and match different sizes for a playful effect!

In 2018, in addition to the copper and brass version of the Solid Hooks, we also introduced a version made of tempered steel. Tempering steel is normally applied to increase the elasticity and plasticity of the material. When steel is heated beyond 200 °C, it undergoes a wild transformation of colors. Therefore, Solid Hooks is not tempered to improve the elasticity of the steel, but to create beautiful colors!

Want to know more about these designer wall hooks?

Discover the Vij5 steps in the Solid Hook process on the collection page with more images and background information!

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Max Lipsey

in collection

since 2016


210 grams: Ø 3,9cm and 2,9cm high, 240 grams: Ø 2,9cm and 7,2cm high, 80 grams: Ø 2,2cm and 5,2cm high


tempered steel, solid copper, solid brass


checked and packaged by Vij5, produced in the workshop of/by the designer himself, produced locally in the Netherlands.