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Turning a concept into a producible product requires translation. We ensure that the designer and creator(s) remain closely involved in this process. In this central phase of our process, we play a connecting role. We do this together.

Vij5 - video 3 from Vij5 - TRANSLATE

Some designers are already very far along when we get in touch with them. But we may also be involved in the design process at an earlier stage, in which case we provide input at that stage as well. We actually enjoy that the most.

"We are closely involved in the translation from design to product"

Arjan & Anieke

When translating a concept, we do not base our choices on price, but on content. We are persevering and proactive when it comes to product development and do not give up easily!

We regularly convince a producer to try something new to make sure that a product will be as the designer intended it to be. In doing so, we often tread the boundaries of the possibilities within a material or technique: in our view, the moment where development and innovation take place.

Read more about the 'translation' of the different products on the collection pages of, for example, the following products:

vij5 @ home 2020 image by vij5 img 6193
Tabloid Tables by Floris Hovers
vij5 twotowel 2019 image by vij5 setting kitchen img 2554
TwoTowel by Anieke Branderhorst
vij5 flexvase 2007 04 image by merel van beukering
FlexVase by Arjan van Raadshooven & Anieke Branderhorst
vij5 align by antje pesel 2020 image by vij5 setting 20200116 01
Align by Antje Pesel
vij5 bl28 led by david derksen @ object rotterdam 2019 image by vij5 img 1882
BL28 LED through David Derksen
vij5 long shade by daphna laurens @ object rotterdam 2019 image by vij5 img 1920 portrait
Long Shade by Daphna Laurens
Vij5 Fixum kleuren 2022 door Floris Hovers image by Vij5 IMG 3787
Fixum by Floris Hovers