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Angled Cabinet (cabinet-frame with glass panels)

The Angled Cabinet is constructed with distinctive junctions where all three beams touch each other equally. Rotating the beams around their axes creates a new connection at the intersection, creating a strong structure.

The cabinet is made from Dutch Ash wood from proven sustainable wood with FSC® label, local City wood or FSC® recycled. The pictures still show the cabinet in solid oak. The cabinets are socially produced in the Netherlands, where the producer is committed to helping people from vulnerable groups back to work.

There are three color options for the ash wood:

  • Thermally modified wood, giving a brown "walnut-like" look.
  • Osmo hardwax oil for a natural wood look.
  • The clear ash is also ideally suited for oiling with colored linseed oil, making it custom available in approximately 50 different colors!

The cabinet comes standard with 2x long panel of 3 compartments long and 1x panel of 2 compartments long, other configurations possible on request.

Local production The Netherlands

Own colour choice possible


 1.495,00 -  1.795,00

Delivery: Parts in stock and prepared to order, shipped in 3 to 5 weeks

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For the design of the Angled Cabinet Studio Thier & van Daalen was inspired by the sketches and drawings of artists and architects such as Le Corbusier, Rietveld and Joost Swarte, who use a unique isometric projection in their handwriting. Fascinated by wooden frames because of their strong, clear and repetitive language of form, they translated this principle into a new repetitive pattern of beams and joints in wood.

When you see this structure in an isometric perspective, it is as if you are looking at an architectural skeleton in which you get a different image from every angle.

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Thier & van Daalen


height 85 cm & width 38 cm, length 154.5 cm


aluminium, solid oak (PEFC), powder coated


finishing and assembly at Vij5, locally produced in the Netherlands

in collection

since 2017


frame in thermally modified ash wood (brown), frame in ash wood with natural finish (osmo hardwax oil), frame in ash wood with colored linseed oil (color by arrangement)

glass color

etched glass 6mm, blue glass 6mm, gray glass 6mm, other colors on request