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Lloop XL (pendant lamp standard combinations)

The Lloop XL lamp is adjustable in height by increasing or decreasing the loop in the electrical cord created by a wooden spool. With this, the function becomes decoration; simple, clear and without hidden techniques.

The included wooden piece is meant to create a loop in the cable. By carefully sliding the wooden piece you can make the loop in the power cable bigger or smaller. This allows you to adjust the lamp in height: a large loop makes a high lamp, a small loop makes a low lamp.

These are some "standard" models that are commonly ordered, but with our Lloop XL Configurator, you can completely put together your own lamp! With a choice of 22 cords to choose from as well as 19 colors for the lampshade itself!

Comes standard with an E27 dimmable LED light source.

 429,00 -  449,00

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Ø 281 mm, height 183 mm

in collection

since 2009

light source

Includes E27 dimmable LED light source 8W (replaces 60W)


solid copper, solid brass






inspected and packaged by Vij5, produced in the designer's own workshop of/by the designer himself, produced locally in the Netherlands, parts from Italy


Lloop XL uni-black, Lloop XL uni-white, Lloop XL uni-beige + burlap cord, Lloop XL salmon-white