Dutch Design Week 2022 - theme: Vij5 x Small Living

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With great pleasure we look back on a beautiful Dutch Design Week, which this year was all about the theme "Small Living" for us.

Living in small spaces is a trend worldwide. During DDW, we launched two new, cleverly designed products within this theme: the Flip Desk by Charles O. Job and the Vertical Coatrack by the Meter by Maarten Baptist. The exhibition also showed existing designs from the Vij5 collection that are specifically suitable for small (living) spaces.

The 'Small Living' trend

Living in a small space is a growing trend and even a social movement worldwide. This "trend" is also making its appearance in the upper segment. Small living spaces are seen as a new luxury and contemporary form of freedom. Interiors are therefore becoming more flexible, multifunctional and individual. But also specific spaces in a (large) house require compact solutions, such as for example the hallway, bathroom or a (new) home office.

Vij5 x Small Living:

Especially for DDW, we made space in our workshop for the 'Vij5 x Small Living' expo. This was on display in a 'tiny house' in the middle of our workshop. The exhibition provided design inspiration for all types of small living spaces, such as (working) studios, tiny houses, vacation homes, attached homes, small apartments, or even cozy nooks and crannies in a house of any size. All displayed designs allowed visitors to experience smart solutions for small spaces. The following products were on display:

New product: Flip Desk

The elegant Flip Desk is a folding desk that is very suitable for home working and flexi-working. It is an eye-catcher in the interior that nevertheless takes up surprisingly little space.

The Flip Desk combines a practical storage compartment (which can accommodate items such as a laptop, magazines, or writing utensils) with a small worktop and is easily mounted on the wall. To use the worktop, the front can be flipped down supported by a specially designed wooden hinge.

New product: Coatrack by the Meter Vertical

These vertical coat racks complement the existing Coatrack by the Meter system designed by Maarten Baptist. Besides the well-known horizontal version, he designed a standing coat rack and a vertical version for on the wall, both are also very suitable for smaller (living) spaces.

Alf wall hook

Alf is a wall hook adapted to accommodate up to five clothes hangers at the same time. The hook of each standard hanger fits perfectly into the cut-out grooves that separate the hangers neatly from each other at the same time. Ideal for airing clothes, for example, or for hanging them ready for the next day.

Tangents Mirror

The Tangents Mirror is playful in its simplicity. The angled joints in the metal frame look playful, and at the same time functional. Because the frame on the back of the mirror leans casually against the wall, the mirror stays put very easily. In addition, the frame provides space for a number of clothes hangers. The wooden shelf on top provides a natural accent and gives space for small objects.


The TwoTowel is a "new" product for the kitchen where two functions, normally used side by side, come together in one product. When you hang up the TwoTowel there is one side which can be used as a towel, while the other side serves as a tea towel!

Trestle Table

The Trestle Table is an elegant, flexible table where the top and base are not connected. The base consists of lightweight aluminum trestles which, through careful design, are stackable and very stable. The trestles carry the table top with a layer of cork providing sufficient grip.

Vij5 Showroom

During the week, of course, our showroom could be visited to see, feel and experience much of the Vij5 collection in real life . Also on display here were a number of scoops of products we were working on at the time: a new color for the Pigments & Porcelain cups, a glass version of the Tap Water Carafe and an improved version of the Angled Cabinet. The wall of the showroom featured the beautiful color THORGRØN from the Aqualinum series of the Danish brand "Linolie & Pigment," of which we are ambassadors.


Did you have to miss Dutch Design Week this year or do you feel like reliving it? Dutch Design Week made a recap of all the design areas during the festival. You can find an overview of all videos here or watch the video of the Hallenweg including the Vij5 expo directly below: