Pigments & Porcelain - Icehotel, Sweden

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The Pigments & Porcelain plates by Alissa+Nienke for Vij5 are part of the 'twelve-course Chefs table menu on the Veranda' of the famous ICEHOTEL in Sweden. With this new dining experience they welcome guests 'at home' at ICEHOTEL and also at home in Sweden.

ICEHOTEL Restaurant, with Michelin-trained chef Alexander Meier and ICEHOTEL's sommelier Sofie Nordefors leading the team, presents a new meeting place with 'the Veranda'.

Guests are invited to sit down at a large wooden table. Two chefs from chef Alexander Meier's brigade cook and serve a twelve-course menu with accompanying drinks. While the guests enjoy the food, the cooks tell about the products. The dishes are served on various handmade plates, including the Pigments & Porcelain plates from the Vij5 collection.

Many thanks to Marjolein Vonk for introducing our plates!

location ICEHOTEL, Sweden

photography Vanessa Romano & Asaf Kliger

styling Marjoram Spark