How to make sure plants don't become wallflowers
(+5 reasons to give plants a prominent place in an interior).

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Actually, plants are the easiest way to add atmosphere to an interior. Every bare spot is transformed by adding a plant! Yet many plants often "stick" to the edge of an interior (in the windowsill, in a corner of a room, etc). Too bad, we think, and so we've come up with a solution for that.

Text: Anieke Branderhorst
Product photography: Vij5

5 good reasons

There are of course many good reasons to give plants a (prominent) place in the interior. Here are our top 5:

1.Plants work to reduce stress
When you are in a space with lots of plants, you feel closer to nature. This lowers your cortisol levels. Research also shows that employees are less stressed when they work in an office with plants.

People are as much as 15-20% more productive when green plays a predominant role in the interior.

2. Plants increase productivity
Besides the fact that plants increase your productivity, they also boost your memory, focus and creativity. You are as much as 15-20% more productive when green plays a predominant role in your interior.

3. Air-purifying plants
Houseplants give off extra oxygen. Some plants also purify pollutants from the air and improve humidity. There are a number of plants that have even been scientifically proven to contribute to cleaner, purified air.

4. Plants act as sound absorbers
Plants, like curtains, have a dampening effect. Both stems and leaves of plants can absorb sound. So adding plants into an interior is a good way to ensure that loud noises and echoes become a lot softer.

5. Plants combine function and aesthetics
In addition to being indispensable for their air-purifying, stress-reducing and sound-absorbing properties, plants also add an important decorative element to the interior. Like art and home accessories, you can use them to give your interior a certain style.

Plants add an important decorative element to the interior.

A prominent place

As far as we are concerned, therefore, plants deserve a prominent place in the interior. But what is a plant without a beautiful flower pot?

The Plant Collectors literally put your plant collection on a pedestal. During the design process, we were looking for a way to make flower pots (and thus plants) really part of an interior. The stackable tubes can be filled with plant soil or placed upside down to create height for a second flowerpot. A plant stand and flowerpot in one!

The Plant Collectors are made of aluminum and coated with a special textured powder coating. A specially designed oak disc allows two tubes to be attached together to create height. This attachment also ensures a waterproof pot.

For a single flower pot, the disc acts as a decorative stand ring. Without the wooden disk, the hole at the bottom of the flower pots remains open to allow excess water to drain away. This also makes the Plant Collectors suitable for outdoor use.

The shape of the Plant Collectors is sleek and modern, but the special powder coating gives the pots a certain texture and hue that hints at the traditional terracotta flower pot.

The power of a 'Plant Gang'

The Plant Collectors are beautiful on their own, but their impact is enhanced by placing them in groups. Not only do the heights of the plants themselves give a playful effect, the heights at which you place the plants also help. Therefore, combine different sizes to create your own composition.

Hopefully now, after reading this blog, you dare to give your plants a more prominent place in your interior. For example, try placing a plant collection/family in the middle of a room. We are curious to see the results!

Plant Collectors
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