The Young Collectors' - DDW 2018

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During the Dutch Design Week in 2018 you could 'wander' through a house full of design at Studio Thier & van Daalen ; the new home of the designers and curators of this exhibition. They opened their doors to the public and temporarily lived in a design exhibition.

With the expo Iris van Daalen and Ruben Thier showed their own recently renovated 60's house with studio at home, designed by W. van Hagen and J. Hurkmans. The unique style of the house, from a row of nine houses, each three storeys high, is better known as the 'Bossche School'. Space and balanced proportions play an important role here, as do the use of materials such as wood, concrete and clean brickwork.

After Iris and Ruben became the proud owners of this property at the beginning of that year, they renovated, rebuilt and designed a lot themselves, retaining the beautiful windows, voids, steel staircases and special architectural details. A beautiful architectural experiment', they call it themselves.

The exhibition also included work from the Vij5 collection. Trestle Table from David Derksen, Pigments & Porcelain cups by Alissa + Nienke, Graphic Time clock 'Dot' by Raw Color and the Coatrack by the Meter of Maarten Baptist.

"Living in a design exhibition"

A curated exhibition by Studio Thier & van Daalen with Design : Alei Verspoor, Clesse Constant, Earnest studio, Jeroen Wand, Jonas Lutz, Maarten Baptist, Michael Rem, Noortje de Keijzer, OODE Gallery, Raw Color, Room for Milk, Stine Aas, Studio Thier&vanDaalen, Tools for Progress, Vantot, Vij5, Ward Wijnant and partners Baars & Bloemhoff, Caracterr, Forbo and Mosa in their new home and studio.

All images by Studio Thier & van Daalen