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Sustainability is a hot topic these days, especially when it comes to our interiors. We would all like to make environmentally conscious choices, but sometimes we lack the necessary knowledge and guidelines. That's why in this blog Share we have five practical tips for making sustainable choices for your interiors. With these tips, you can confidently transform your home into a greener and more eco-conscious environment!

Photography: Vij5 & Blickfanger

Tip #1 Choose durable materials:

Look for furniture and accessories made from recycled or renewable materials, or choose materials that last a long time. By choosing sustainable materials, you reduce pressure on natural resources and help reduce carbon emissions.

#2 Optimize energy efficiency:

Make use of energy-efficient appliances and lighting in your interior. LED bulbs are an excellent choice because not only do they last longer, they also use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. All lamps in the Vij5 collection are equipped with LED. In some lamps, this is integrated into the fixture, but even the "classic" pendant lamps come with an LED bulb included. Also consider investing in well-insulated windows and doors to minimize energy loss.

#3 Reuse and repair:

Before purchasing anything new, research whether you can reuse or repair existing items. Give old pieces of furniture new life by refurbishing or restyling them. By reusing and repairing, you not only save money, but also valuable resources and energy.

#4 Go for timeless design:

Opt for timeless Design rather than trendy items that quickly go out of style. By investing in quality and timeless design, you will be less likely to feel the need to change your interior on a regular basis. This results in less waste and a longer life for your furniture.

Design affects not only the function but also the experience of a product. A good designer can determine the form and function of an object in such a way that the result is beautiful but also functional. This is what makes a design interesting in our eyes.

"Trendless can include both sensational and unobtrusive design. It's about being stylish in such a way that it appears refined, balanced and controlled, whether it's been around for 20 years or will only be introduced two decades from now."

Uffe Buchard (in Scandinavian Living magazine)

#5 Support local and artisan production:

When buying new items for your home decor, look for local producers and artisans. By supporting local communities, you reduce the carbon footprint of transportation and encourage craftsmanship. Plus, you're helping to preserve traditional crafts.

"We believe that transparency throughout the entire product chain is important and therefore provide a lot of insight into the choices we make. Our products are made in relatively small series by passionate craftsmen."

Arjan & Anieke - Vij5 founders

In conclusion:

With these five practical tips, you'll be well on your way to making conscious and sustainable choices for your interiors. By choosing sustainable materials, optimizing for energy efficiency, reusing and repairing, going for timeless design and supporting local artisan production, you are contributing to a greener future.

By choosing the Vij5 collection, you will seamlessly connect with the tips mentioned above. Our products are manufactured with attention to sustainability, timelessness and local production. We believe that design and sustainability can go hand in hand and that your interior can reflect your values and respect for the environment.

We hope these tips have inspired you to make conscious choices when decorating your interiors, and we invite you to dive a little deeper into our website and explore the Vij5 collection. Together we can strive for a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle, without compromising on style and quality.

Let us know which tip you like most and how you plan to integrate sustainability into your interior, using the Vij5 collection. A lot is possible and we would love to think with you!

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