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OBJECT Rotterdam 2024

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Recently we were pleased to present part of the Vij5 collection at the design fair OBJECT Rotterdam 2024. It was a great opportunity to show some previews of our new products, but thanks to our beautiful spot on the first floor we could also show an impressive overview of the collection. Did you miss the event? No worries! Check out our image report of the exhibition as we give you a sneak peek of what to expect soon in the Vij5 collection. Read on for more information.

Photography: Vij5

About OBJECT Rotterdam

OBJECT Rotterdam is a special pop-up platform focusing on design labels, well-known designers and up-and-coming talents. It combines design, craft, fashion, architecture and art and is an unmissable event for people looking for inspiration for their interiors, lovers of design and collectors. For us it is an ideal opportunity to present the Vij5 collection to real enthusiasts, in a beautiful setting.

The aesthetics of the HAKA building

Every year OBJECT takes place in an iconic building in Rotterdam or the surrounding area. This year, perhaps for the last time, it was the beautiful HAKA building, where our presentation took place on the first floor. The HAKA building, a completely gutted architectural monument from the 1930s, always serves as an impressive backdrop for our collection.

Originally built in 1932 by architects H. F. Mertens and J. Koeman as the headquarters of the Coöperatieve Groothandelsvereniging de Handelskamer, the HAKA building was recognized as a national monument in 2002 for its historical and architectural value. With its rich history and architectural significance, the HAKA building provides a unique and inspiring setting for all presentations during OBJECT.

The Vij5 collection on a stage

This year we participated in OBJECT Rotterdam for the seventh time, and every time again we find it an exciting challenge to create a beautiful presentation in the spot assigned to us. Over the years we have stood on different floors of the HAKA building, each time resulting in a unique look for our exhibition. Last year our wall with colorful Alf-hooks stood out the most, but this year we were given a space on the first floor with a fixed wooden stage of about 5×4 meters. This brought a new creative challenge, but we are proud of the result: a beautiful retrospective of the Vij5-collection, presented elevated on a stage, which we received many compliments on! Visitors could also walk around the stage to see all the projects up close.


Of course, again this year we showed special previews for OBJECT visitors of new products to be included in the coming months in the Vij5 collection:

Maarten Baptist is known for his unique design philosophy that highlights the production process without too much modification. His pursuit of functional and reproducible items emphasizes the beauty of simplicity in both form and function.

The Tube Cabinet beautifully illustrates this approach. The striking design consists of 3D laser-cut aluminum tubes and sturdy solid wood shelves. With precision being key in the manufacturing process, advanced 3D laser cutting technology ensures that each piece is perfectly shaped and fit for its intended purpose.

What makes this cabinet so special is the ability to fully customize it to your space thanks to the variable lengths of the tubes and shelves. You can even add side and back panels or front doors to create an enclosed area if you wish.

The Tube Cabinet will be officially launched later this year, but you can pre-order it now in our webshop.

During OBJECT Rotterdam 2024, we also gave a sneak peek of the updated version of the Angled Cabinet. This striking cabinet is constructed with intersections that make a visual statement. Rotating the beams around their axes creates a new connection at the intersection, resulting in a strong construction. The glass and aluminum panels are interchangeable, making the layout of the cabinet flexible. Optionally, a wooden wine rack can be attached to the cabinet's frame.

The design comes from Studio Thier & van Daalen and has been part of the Vij5 collection since 2017. Now this updated version is available from stock in sustainable Dutch ash wood, produced according to local and social standards. Choose from natural ash wood with woodwax, ash wood with colored linseed oil in different shades, or thermally modified ash wood for a darker wood look.

With just a few simple components - a colored wooden block, a glass panel, a backing plate of gold aluminum and a wooden wedge - the Precious Memory photo frames offer an elegant and functional way to display photos, drawings or postcards. Available in various sizes, you can create your own personal landscape of memories. Whether you choose to use them horizontally or vertically, with or without a passe-partout, these photo frames are perfect for creating your ideal photo display.

Designed by Isabel Quiroga, the Precious Memory photo frames are an emerging showpiece in the Vij5 collection. Although they haven't officially launched yet, you can already exclusively get your hands on the latest photo frames created by Isabel herself in a pre-sale. Each block in this series is unique in both size and color, with different woods used for a diverse look. Soon Vij5 will take over the production of these elegant picture frames, resulting in a more standardized process. Want to get your hands on a unique one? Then click here!

Don't miss our future discoveries!

We hope this sneak peek has got you excited for what's to come at Vij5! Whether you're intrigued by the updated Angled Cabinet, curious about the exclusive pre-sale of the Precious Memory photo frames, or simply inspired by our story at OBJECT Rotterdam, we cordially invite you to keep following us on our ongoing quest for fresh ideas and timeless design. Find out more about our collection, stay up-to-date on our latest developments and be the first to know about our upcoming launches by signing up for our newsletter. And who knows, maybe we'll see each other again next year at OBJECT Rotterdam!