Dutch Design Week 2019 - We're Open!

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During Dutch Design Week we gave insight into how and why we work with designers, manufacturers and suppliers with our expo "We're open!" in our own studio, showroom and workshop on Hallenweg . You could literally ask us anything! With this openness we join a new trend where transparency in the chain is taken for granted.


During the exhibition, a large map of the Netherlands was displayed on which all the partners we work with were mentioned by name. This immediately showed that a large part of our activities take place in the Netherlands or even in the Eindhoven region.

Making conscious choices

Our goal was to give the visitor more insight into the choices made before a product is offered for sale and which people were involved. In this way, the customer can make a more conscious choice about whether or not to buy a product. You could see this choice as a logical consequence of the considerations we made for you during the Design, development and creation of the Vij5 collection.

New language

The story we told visitors acted as a precursor to a new language we are developing that will be visible in the future on our website and in our communications.

The title "We're open!" also applied to our renovated showroom, which has undergone a true metamorphosis. The biggest innovation lies in the fact that the showroom is now located at the front of our building and is accessible and visible through a new glass facade.


During Dutch Design Week, we also presented a new product in the Vij5 collection: the Tempered Steel Panels, designed by Max Lipsey.

The Tempered Steel Panels are a continuation of Max Lipsey 's fascination with the colorful qualities of tempered steel. Tempering steel is normally used to increase the elasticity and plasticity of the material. The Tempered Steel Panels however, are tempered only for the purpose of creating beautiful colors! Simply set steel panels form an unbroken and expansive canvas on which the beauty of the tempering technique really comes into its own. The color palette is created from the base material and varies from piece to piece making each panel unique.

By themselves, the boards are beautiful as decorative panels or wall coverings. Combining them with a set of magnets also turns them into handy memo boards for displaying images, notes and to-do lists. Thanks to a silk gloss lacquer finish, the Tempered Steel Panels can also be used as a whiteboard. Optionally, a matching magnetic board can be added to accommodate markers, notes and other personal items.


Bulthaup is known for its kitchen systems; timeless designs that are not subject to fashion and zeitgeist. But at Dutch Design Week 2019, bulthaup opened up to people and brands that excite through what they do, make or find. Their goal: to make new connections.

Bulthaup designs to bring people together and they believe the kitchen table is the perfect place for that. With their table guests they talked about innovation, sustainability, burn-outs, the responsibility of brands, timeless design vs. fashion, new traditions and much more.

Arjan was one of the table guests together with Charlotte Landsheer of Cor Unum on the theme: International Designers and Local Production. The conversation was recorded and can be listened back as a podcast.

Listen back to this Table Talkhere via spotify!

bulthaup table talks 3


Did you have to miss Dutch Design Week this year or do you feel like reliving it? Dutch Design Week made a recap of all nine design areas during the festival. You can find an overview of all videos here or watch the video of the Hallenweg including the Vij5 expo directly below: