The FlexVase consists of one basic shape with three different attachments which can be exchanged to adapt the vase to the bouquet.

By means of a clip inspired by the well-known weckpot clip, the pieces are held together by a practical clip. The silver coloured clip contrasts with the bright white porcelain and is a decorative and functional element at the same time. In addition, a black rubber ring ensures that the porcelain parts do not touch each other.

The FlexVase has an archetypical shape and is delivered as a complete set including three attachments.


The FlexVase is available as a set with three attachments so you can make three variations of the vase.


flexvase dda winner

Dutch Design Awards 2009
Winner best consumer product

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Designpreis Deutschland 2011

the Vij5
of the

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The FlexVase was designed by Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst. Besides being designers, they are also the founders of Vij5.

The vase originated from a recognizable problem: everyone is happy with a bunch of flowers they have received, but what if you don't have a suitable vase in your house that does justice to the bouquet? This is how the idea arose to make a vase that you can adapt to the bouquet of flowers that will appear in it.

"When designing the vases, we assumed three archetypal shapes of vases, keeping the bottom side the same. We then went in search of a flexible element to connect the parts together. In our opinion, this element had to clearly show its function, to make the distinctive character and functionality of the vase visible to the user".

Arjan & Anieke

The inspiration for this came from the toilet bowls in our kitchen, the principle we 'borrowed' to attach three different necks to a porcelain vase. The connection technique is thus clearly visible on the outside of the vase and explains its function at a glance. The silver-coloured clip contrasts with the white porcelain, making it a decorative and functional element at the same time.

Anieke Branderhorst & Arjan van Raadshooven

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The FlexVase is the first product that we put into production under the Vij5 collection and marks the beginning of Vij5. A special product for us personally, also because it is a design of our own hand.

The very first presentation at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven was very exciting, but soon turned out to be a great success. And especially after winning the Dutch Design Award in 2009 for 'best consumer product' it became one of the most famous products from the Vij5 collection.

"The FlexVase has become a real classic in the Vij5 collection."

Arjan & Anieke

In the meantime we've moved on quite a few years, and the FlexVase has become a real classic in the collection. We think it's great to hear from people now that they've been using the FlexVase sometimes for years and are still very happy with it. That proves to us that it's a timeless design, and we're pretty proud of that!

FlexVase winner 'Best Consumer Product' Dutch Design Awards 2009


Although the idea of the vase is simple, the production process is very complicated. It took us a couple of years, some failures and some interesting trips; but in the end we succeeded. Especially because the detailing of the vase in porcelain is quite narrow and of course we want to strive for a good quality.

Porcelain is fired at a high temperature in the oven, and therefore there is a high risk of deformation of the material during this baking process. This is an extra difficulty for the FlexVase, because the vase consists of a basic vase and several attachments that have to fit together exactly.


The FlexVase is made by pouring liquid porcelain into large plaster moulds and baking in an oven. Then a glaze is applied and the various parts are fired again, but at a higher temperature. The FlexVase is the only product in the Vij5 collection that is made in China. To supervise the production process ourselves, we travelled to the factory several times. Our aim is always to pay a personal visit to a producer, anywhere in the world.

The great thing about production in China, we think, is that the country has a rich history in porcelain production and therefore has a lot of knowledge in house. No matter how big the production is, it remains a manual and artisanal process. Wonderful to see!

In the material passport you can find where and by whom the different parts of this product are made.




handmade t

Porcelain production is handicraft and craftsmanship, made in Chaozhou (China) under the supervision of Arjan & Anieke.

Rubber ring

The rubber ring has the (old) Vij5 logo in it and ensures that the porcelain parts do not touch each other.

Metal clamps

The clamps are inspired by the weckpot and are made of metal wire.

All vases have been assembled, checked and packed at Vij5 .


Basic vase 20 cm high Ø 22 cm
High top unit 21.5 cm high
Small top unit 11.5 cm high
Wide top unit 13 cm high

In Vij5 collection since 2006

Why the FlexVase is not produced in the Netherlands

Unfortunately, there are not many porcelain producers left in the Netherlands. When we were looking for a suitable producer in 2007/2008, almost everything was also outsourced by Dutch parties to eastern countries. As young entrepreneurs this seemed cumbersome to us and that is why we decided to contact factories in China ourselves. Via an intermediary who spoke English, we first had a lot of contact via e-mail and prototypes were sent back and forth. Because we didn't reach the quality level we wanted, we decided to visit the factory ourselves.

This turned out to be a good idea. On the spot we were able to switch much faster and we discussed many details regarding the right production techniques but also the 'finishing touch'. This personal contact helped us a lot.

In 2014 we had the last production series made in China. The FlexVase that you buy from us now is still from that series. When we run out of them, we will start thinking again about how and where we can produce the FlexVase . In the meantime, the world looks very different!


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