With a wink to the Shakers' wall stretching coatracks, the base of this coatrack is a square metal bar from which a hook is cut out with a laser every ten centimeters. In line with the Shakers ideas, this design lacks everything that doesn't matter.

The hole the hook creates, allows you to screw the rack onto the wall.⁠ The coatracks are available in three lengths (100 cm, 50 cm and 19.76 cm) which you can link together as you see fit (for the real Shaker effect) but of course also form a beautiful wall element on its own.

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Standard variants

These standard sizes are available in mint-green, black and grey-white in 100cm, 50cm, 20cm, connectors in 20 and 50cm and corner pieces.

1,5 meter color options

the Vij5
steps of
by the Meter

Transparency of the production chain comes naturally to us.

With us, that doesn't just mean giving information about where something has been produced. Our chain starts much earlier: with the designer of the product!

We'll tell you the whole story. Click on the buttons to discover the different steps:


The Coatrack by the Meter was designed by Maarten Baptist. Together with local industries, he invests in sustainable relationships with the craftsmen who manufacture his products. He has a predilection for industrial tube laser cutting. He used this technique to create a coatrack with minimal waste.

Fascinated by loopholes in the production process, Maarten likes to do seemingly impossible things in a clever way. In the design of the Coatrack by the Meter, for example, bending open the hooks was a challenge. As an insider’s joke, Maarten hides his date of birth in every product he designs, which is why the standard two-hook coatrack is 19.76 cm long!

Maarten Baptist


The Coatrack by the Meter has been part of the Vij5 collection since 2014. We already knew Maarten for a while as a great designer. But we only really got to know him while travelling together to Moscow for an exhibition. Under Vij5 a collaboration often starts from a friendship or a wish to work together. So we asked Maarten if he had a suitable product in his portfolio that could fit into the Vij5 collection. Maarten suggested his Coatrack by the Meter and we immediately embraced the idea.


Together we introduced new colours and developed the product into a system in which we added corner pieces and a small oak board that fits exactly on the coat rack.



The Coatrack by the Meter is manufactured in the Eindhoven region by a metal manufacturer and powder coater.

The base of this coatrack consists of a square metal bar from which a hook is cut with a laser every ten centimetres. The hooks are then bent outwards by hand.

The coatracks are then powder coated in a number of standard colours, but for larger quantities they can also be coated in other colours to suit any interior.

The product arrives in our studio ready to use, after which we do a little quality control and pack the coat racks in a nice box!

In the material passport you can find where and by whom the different parts of this product are made.


Coatrack by the Meter

Steel tube

3d laser cut in Eersel (NL)
Powder coating in Valkenswaard (NL)


recycle icon

Made-to-measure brown cardboard packaging made from 80% recycled cardboard, produced in the Netherlands


Tube profile 4x4cm
Lengths 20, 50, 100 and 150 cm


RAL9002 grey-white
RAL6019 white-green
RAL9017 Black
RAL1001 Beige
RAL3012 beige-red
RAL3032 pearl-dark red
RAL7006 beige-grey
RAL8017 chocolate brown

In Vij5 collection since 2014


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