The TwoTowel is a 'new' product for the kitchen where two functions, normally used side by side, come together in one product.

When you hang the TwoTowel in the middle, there is one side that can be used as a towel, while the other side serves as a tea towel!

Particularly special about the TwoTowel is its production process where two different kinds of fabrics, normally produced on two different machines, are now intertwined in one towel. As a result; the colours and functions literally flow into one another through a carefully designed gradient in colour and fabric.

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Transparency of the production chain comes naturally to us.

For us, that doesn't just mean giving information about where something has been produced. Our chain starts much earlier: with the designer of the product!

We'll tell you the whole story. Click on the buttons to discover the different steps:

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The TwoTowel is designed by Anieke Branderhorst. Besides being a designer she is also one of the founders of Vij5.

In a Dutch kitchen, a tea towel and a towel often hang next to each other and form a kind of inseparable duo. This inspired Anieke to combine these two functions in one towel.

Anieke Branderhorst

"I wanted the two fabrics to be literally intertwined. This was an important starting point in my design process. That's why I designed a pattern where the different types of fabrics alternate with each other and grow more and more towards each other."

Anieke Branderhorst
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The TwoTowel has been part of the Vij5 collection since 2014. This collection was originally created because we wanted to be able to market our own designs. Because we enjoy it too much to be involved in the realization of ideas from other designers in addition to designing new products ourselves, there is, of course, less and less time left for our own ideas..

But the idea of TwoTowel was so powerful in its simplicity that we immediately knew that this product had to become part of the Vij5 collection. We did not hesitate for a moment and started translating the idea into a producible product.


Why the TwoTowel is not produced in the Netherlands

During our search for a suitable manufacturer for this product, it turned out that this 'simple' idea was not so easy to implement. Several factories in our region told us that this product was (for them) impossible to make. This only motivated us more and convinced us of the fact that we had a special design in our hands! At least something that was not made as standard in the existing production processes. We had to find a manufacturer who really wanted to experiment with us.

We therefore decided to develop the design further in cooperation with textile designer Jolijn Fiddelaers. She too became fascinated by the unusual construction of this product. Finally, we found a manufacturer in Turkey who dared to experiment with us on the basis of our technical drawings.

Why is it difficult to make the TwoTowel?

Particularly special about the TwoTowel is its production process where two different kinds of fabrics, normally produced on two different machines, are now intertwined in one towel. This means that a machine that normally makes flat fabrics suddenly has to create loops, or a machine that normally makes loops (towels) suddenly also has to make a flat fabric. We have chosen the last option and developed a flat fabric for the looping machine. This is also the reason why the tea towel part is a bit thicker than you might expect from a tea towel.


The TwoTowel became a reality in 2014 because it was produced for the first time for Vij5. The producer who dared to experiment with us was located in the Denizli region, known as the textile region of Turkey. (Read here why the TwoTowel is not made in the Netherlands). In 2014 Anieke and Jolijn visited the factory in Turkey and made good use of the valuable knowledge and expertise of the producer to prepare the TweeDoek production. Because we made good contacts back then, we were able to arrange everything remotely for the second production run in 2019.

In the material passport you can find where and by whom the different parts of this product are made.



100% Organic cotton

cotton purple outline t

The TwoTowel is produced in Dinizli (Turkey) .

Developed in collaboration with Jolijn Fiddelaers


Fully unfolded approx. 90 x 47cm
Hanging on a hook approx. 80 cm long


Packed in a biodegradable bag.

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Made-to-measure brown cardboard packaging made from 80% recycled cardboard, produced in the Netherlands

In Vij5 collection since 2014

This is how the TwoTowel is made:

The photos and video show how the TwoTowels are made and come off the loom: a large cloth with several TwoTowels next to each other, which is then cut into pieces and finished into a final product.

We have chosen to make the warp of the loom in one color. This automatically becomes the color of the loops in the TwoTowel, the 'towel' part. The 'tea towel' part is determined by the color of the weft. For this we can choose different colors, resulting in different TwoTowels.

As icing on the cake, the new TwoTowel is made of organic cotton.

A production in organic cotton has been a wish of ours for a long time and we are therefore really happy with this development, which we have been able to realize thanks to our successful crowdfunding campaign, together with our crowdfunders.

Arjan & Anieke

Crowdfunding campaign

In October 2018, we organized a crowdfunding campaign to produce a new version of the TwoTowel (see also

Donors had a direct influence on the colour of the end result by choosing a specific colour combination in return. The colours mustard yellow-warm grey and mint green-warm grey were the most popular and have actually been taken into production. We also developed a neutral version which partly uses undyed yarn.

Vij5 - TwoTowel - Crowdfunding VoorDeKunst


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