s-Table (round)

This table is unique in its sturdiness and robustness and has the same idiosyncratic combination of solid oak with plywood and hpl as the chair in the series.

The round table is the newest variant in the series and, from 120cm to 170cm, consists of 3 cake slices and 3 legs assembled into one solid piece. Dimensions 90cm to 110cm can be made from one part and also has 3 legs.

Multiple quantities or different sizes are possible on request, because every table is made to measure!

Made in Eindhoven

Own colour choice possible


 1.890,00 2.690,00

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The 's-Table was originally designed for the education space of the Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch together with the 's-Chair.

The HPL top layer provides a colour image, but is also a multi-functional and wear-resistant worktop.

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u1010 grey white, u1184 sand grey, u056 royal blue, u010 platinum grey, u074 atlantic, u12211 lava grey (image), custom colour


round 90cm, round 110cm, round 120cm, round 150cm, round 170cm

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