The Trestle Table is an elegant, flexible table in which the top and base are not connected to each other. The base consists of lightweight aluminium trestles which are stackable and very stable due to careful design. The trestles carry the tabletop with a layer of cork for sufficient grip.

The top layer of the tabletop is Forbo Desktop; a distinctive covering material made from sustainable raw materials known for its elegance. Forbo Desktop offers a unique combination of a semi-matt surface with a warm, fine structure and gets a beautiful patina over time.


vij5 trestle table by david derksen forbo in vapour 2019 image by vij5

The Trestle Table is available as standard in widths of 70, 80 or 90 cm and lengths from 1.80 to 2.20 metres with 2 trestles. Lengths from 2.50 to 3.00 meters are possible with 3 trestles. Different sizes are possible on request!

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Treste Table

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The Trestle Table is designed by David Derksen. David and his studio are located in Rotterdam. Nature, and especially the principles and processes found in nature, are his main sources of inspiration. This results in a strong focus on materials, how they behave and how they can be constructed.

As his graduation project, he developed a lightweight composite tabletop with stackable, lightweight trestles. The idea behind this was to make office furniture more suitable for the increasingly flexible functions of office environments. The table he made for his graduation project eventually became the starting point of the Trestle Table as it can now be found in the Vij5 collection.

David Derksen

"To me, producing objects is like playing with the forces of nature. In my designs I try to express the beauty of the material and the way it is produced".

David Derksen


After his graduation (see DEVELOPMENT) and several attempts to find the right manufacturer for the tabletop, David decided to present the design again in Milan with another tabletop (plywood with a Forbo linoleum top layer). Although we had been familiar with the design for several years, this was the moment when the Trestle Table really caught our attention. In the meantime we were busy together with David around the Copper and Brass Lights. But after a few years the Trestle Table finally became part of the Vij5 collection in 2018!

The table was actually almost finished by David. The only thing we did together was choosing a number of standard colours for the trestles and top layer of the table top.

What we find interesting about the Trestle Table is that it is suitable for use in spaces where flexibility is important, such as work environments, but also in a domestic setting. In contrast to many other tables with trestles, this design also allows you to sit at the ends, which makes the table suitable as a dining table, for example.

"What we find interesting about the Trestle Table is that it is suitable for work environments, but also in a domestic setting.

Arjan & Anieke
trestle rev 4 technical drawings for manufacture page 1 kopie


The trestles of the Trestle Table are made in Germany at a metal processing company which is very good at welding aluminium. This company also made David's prototype series earlier.

The dimensions of the Trestle Table magazine can be fully adapted to the interior. It is made in the Netherlands by a tabletop manufacturer who is very good at gluing Forbo Desktop. This requires clean and careful work, because Forbo behaves like 'a skin' that is placed over the tabletops, every dot or dirt underneath you will eventually see back into the surface.


Trestle Table


Aluminium trestles, production in Germany, powder coating in small series in Valkenswaard (NL) in a nice matt (30% gloss) powder coating.

Dimensions trestles

Bottom 31 x 82cm
top 12 x 70cm
height (including cork) 72cm
height including table top approx 74cm

Standard color trestles

RAL 9002 grey-white
RAL5008 grey-blue
RAL9004 signal-black
RAL6009 pine green
Other colours on request


In the recess on top of the trestles is a layer of cork that acts as an anti-slip. Laser cut at Vij5 in Eindhoven (NL)


Birch plywood tabletop, top layer Forbo Desktop, production in Ommen (NL)


Height trestles 71cm
Table height including top approx. 74cm

In Vij5 collection since 2018

As a top layer we use the beautiful matte Forbo Desktop, furniture linoleum. This is available in many colours and as each table is custom made it is free to choose. The trestles are currently available in three standard colours (white, dark blue and black), in order to create beautiful combinations. In consultation we can also coat the trestles in other colours (at an extra charge).

Other top layers such as HPL are possible on request!

Furniture Linoleum consists of three layers: impregnated paper, linoleum granulate and a top layer.

Linoleum granulate consists of oxidised linseed oil and resin to which wood flour, limestone and pigments have been added. A calender rolls the granulate onto the impregnated paper. After the drying process, Furniture Linoleum is given a protective finish. This water-based acrylic finish accentuates the specific natural appearance of linoleum.

Thanks to its pure natural ingredients and special protective coating, Furniture Linoleum is antistatic. The material is resistant to the build-up of static electricity so that dust does not get a chance to adhere and the material therefore remains dust-free and clean.


All Trestle Tables are made to measure and to order. This gives you a lot of freedom of choice in colour and dimensions.

There are a number of standard colours of trestles, but on request a custom colour is also possible.

All tabletops are in principle made to measure and per order, so we are even more flexible.

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