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's-Table (round table)

The round version of the 's-Table is a sturdy and stable table thanks to a clear design and clever wood construction. The table is custom-made and can therefore be made in many different colors and sizes. The table top is available in solid oak or (as shown here) in plywood with an HPL top layer. The sturdy frame provides plenty of stability. The HPL top layer gives color to the table but also makes the table top hard-wearing and durable. This makes the table multifunctional and suitable for both project use and home application.

The round table is the newest variant in the series and, from 120cm to 170cm, it is constructed from 3 'pie slices', assembled together into one sturdy whole. For sizes 90cm to 110cm, the top can be made out of one part. All round tables have 3 legs.

The frame is glued and screwed to the tabletop. You slide the solid oak legs into the frame yourself during assembly after which you can secure them with the typical carriage bolts. This makes the table easier to transport.

This table belongs to the 's-Chair and has the same quirky combination of solid oak with plywood and hpl as the chair from the series. Of course, the table is also very nice to combine with other chairs!

A rectangular version of this table is also available.

TIP: Ondiscover the story behind our products, lread the interview with designer Jeroen Wand on our blog!

Larger quantities or custom sizes are available upon request, after all, every table is custom made!

Made in Eindhoven

Own colour choice possible


 1.890,00 -  2.690,00

Delivery: This product is custom made, delivery time by arrangement

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The 's-Table was designed by Jeroen Wand. With his studio in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, he explores the raw, unpolished side of design, developing objects, products, installations and environments that encourage finding alternative forms of what is beautiful or pleasant.

Whereas other furniture often chooses one type of wood, here Jeroen used a quirky combination of solid oak and plywood parts. This ensures that the table has an uncomplicated but rich look that matches various interior styles. The same material combination can also be found in the matching 's-Chair from the same series.

The HPL top layer provides color, but is also a multi-functional and wear-resistant worktop. HPL is short for High Pressure Laminate, or "high pressure laminate. An HPL panel consists of a wood fiber or paper core and two top layers that are pressed together under high pressure and at a high temperature. This creates a very dense, hard and dimensionally stable board. The material does not hold dirt and is easy to clean. HPL is durable because it has a very long lifespan.

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other colors on request, HPL u010 platinum-grey, HPL u056 royal-blue, HPL u074 atlantic, HPL u1010 grey-white, HPL u1184 sand-grey, HPL u12211 lava-grey


round 90cm, round 110cm, round 120cm, round 150cm, round 170cm


Jeroen Wand

in collection

since 2021


oak, hpl, plywood