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Plant Collectors

The Plant Collectors are flower pot and plant stand in one. The stackable tubes can be filled with plant soil or placed upside down to create height for a second flower pot. The Plant Collectors are made of aluminium and coated with a special structure Powder coating, which is also suitable for outdoor use.

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plant tubes laag zonder ring
Plant Collector low

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Plant Collector medium

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plant tubes hoog zonder ring
Plant Collector high

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With a specially designed oak disc, two tubes can be attached to each other to create height. This attachment also ensures a watertight pot. For a single flower pot, the disc acts as a decorative stand ring. Without the wooden disc, the hole at the bottom of the flower pots remains open so that excess water can flow away, making them suitable for outdoor use.

The Plant Collectors are available in various heights so that you can create a plant landscape in your home and/or garden. With a special hanging mechanism, the Plant Collectors can also be hung.

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Diameter tube 16cm, heights: low 14 cm, medium 26 cm & high 40 cm, solid oak disc approx. 2cm thick .

in collection

since 2021


aluminium, oak, Powder coating


checked and packed by Vij5, locally produced in the Netherlands