The Tilt barstool shows how a simple intervention can create comfort and stability.

The wood of the seat and legs is simply tilted at an angle of 3 degrees to create a comfortable seat and solid stability in the construction. The positioning of the footrests ensures that every user intuitively knows how to sit on this bar stool in order to experience an unexpectedly pleasant sitting posture.

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Frame in untreated oak, whole stool in Osmo hardwax-oil or coloured frame in RAL9002 grey-white, RAL1000 green-beige, RAL5011 steel-blue, RAL3012 beige-red. Other colours available on request.

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Tilt Bar Stool

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The Tilt Bar Stool is designed by Floris Hovers. Floris lives and works in Raamsdonksveer, where he also grew up. His designs surprise by their disarming simplicity. No abstract minimalism, but the end result of a long process of reduction.

Within the basic components from which a wooden bar stool is usually constructed, Floris was looking for a simple way to make a straight, hard surface pleasant to sit on. By tilting the wood of the seat and legs at an angle of 3 degrees, he created both a surprisingly comfortable seat and a solid stability in the construction of the legs.

Floris Hovers

"The most important skill for a designer: converting your own passion and amazement into something that becomes understandable and usable for others".

Quote from the book 'Hovers' Manual of Things'
tilt bar stool dimensions


The Tilt Barstool has been part of the Vij5 collection since 2019. Commissioned by Vij5, Floris Hovers designed this barstool for the official Dutch Design Week Business Lounge in 2018. The stool was created in a relatively short period of time and is the result of a joint effort by Floris, Vij5, and our local wood producer.

The stool owes its name, but also a unique look & feel, to the fact that the wood of the seat and legs is tilted 3 degrees. In consultation with Floris we gave the stool fresh colours after the Dutch Design Week and added it to the Vij5 collection.


The Tilt bar stool is made of solid PEFC certified oak and produced in the region of our studio in Eindhoven. For protection and durability the seat and footrests are treated with Osmo hard-wax oil.

The frame of the stool is standard available in untreated oak for a natural look. Optionally, the frame can also be treated with a lacquer in four standard colours, a custom colour on request or with Osmo hard-wax oil so that all surfaces have the same finish.

In the material passport you can find where and by whom the different parts of this product are made.

The Tilt Bar Stool can also be made at another height on request, such as 65 or 75cm.


Tilt Bar Stool

Solid oak

wood 2 t

Produced from PEFC certified oak from France, processed by our permanent furniture workshop in Kelpen-Oler (NL).

Finishing and Osmo

handmade t

The finishing and assembly of the stools and the oiling with Osmo hard-wax oil is done at Vij5.

Standard treated with Osmo hard-wax oil. This retains the oak color, is water and dirt repellent and resistant to stains from red wine, coffee, etc.

Spray by colour

colors purple outline t

If the stools are painted on colour, it is done in the workshop of Floris Hovers in Raamsdonksveer (NL). This can be done in our standard colours, but custom colours are also possible on request!


Seat surface 34 x 34.5 cm
Seat height 80 cm

Color options seat-surface & footrest always treated with Osmo hard-wax oil

RAL9002 grey-white
RAL1000 green-beige
RAL5011 steel-blue
RAL3012 beige-red
other colours on request!

In Vij5 collection since 2019


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