The Strap Stool is an easy to assemble stool that consists of a number of oak parts that fit together seamlessly.

The loose wooden parts are held together by two lashing straps, which fixes the construction. The stool is delivered as a flat package and can be assembled by the user in no time.

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the Vij5
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Strap Stool

Transparency of the production chain comes naturally to us.

For us, that doesn't just mean giving information about where something has been produced. Our chain starts much earlier: with the designer of the product!

We'll tell you the whole story. Click on the buttons to discover the different steps:


The Strap Stool was designed by Bram Burger and Stijn van der Vleuten under the name bram/stijn. Bram and Stijn work as freelance designers on various projects ranging from (temporary) interiors to exhibition stands and events. You can also know Bram as one of the founders of the multidisciplinary design studio 'La Bolleur' and Stijn as part of the Dutch art collective 'We Make Carpets'.

With a clever construction in mind, Bram and Stijn developed the 'strap series': a series of stools, benches, tables and cabinets made of a few compartments that can be set up in the blink of an eye. The furniture was designed for Ecco's hotshop and the Fashion Factory, partly because of their flexibility, which is often desired for temporary events.


"With a clever construction in mind, Bram and Stijn developed the strap series."

Arjan & Anieke


The Strap Stool has been part of the Vij5 collection since 2013. After the Strap Stool had proven its function during the Fashion Factory, Bram and Stijn started to receive individual requests from customers. That's why they asked us for help. We immediately understood the link with Vij5 on a conceptual level, but needed a more 'luxurious' version. Together we developed an oak stool and voilà: a new addition to the Vij5 collection was born!

"We immediately understood the link to Vij5 on a conceptual level."

Arjan & Anieke

Prototype of the Strap Stool in plywood


The wooden parts of the Strap Stool are made in the Netherlands by our permanent furniture workshop in Kelpen-Oler. Afterwards the wood is treated with Osmo hardwax oil in the workshop of Vij5.

The straps we use for the Strap Stool cannot be found in an average DIY store. They are custom made for us by a company that specializes in project-based stitching and upholstering, in a number of beautiful colours.

In the material passport you can find where and by whom the different parts of this product are made.


Strap Stool

Oak frame

wood 2 t

PEFC certified oak from France
Processed by our wood producer in Kelpen-Oler (NL)

Lashing straps

Always including 2 straps, available in various colours, custom made and stitched in Eindhoven (NL).


handmade t

Manual assembly by the customer himself! The stool is delivered flat-packed.


Seat 34x34cm
Seat height 47cm

In Vij5 collection since 2013

The Strap Stool is delivered as a flat package and can be assembled by the user in no time.


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