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Chair 18 x 36

Chair 18 x 36 gets its name from the dimensions of the profile of the slats (in millimeters) used for the design and construction of this chair. In fact, if you look closely, you can see that this chair is constructed from identical slats. This has created a typical construction that creates a special silhouette. The construction of Chair 18 x 36 is so distinctive that it stands its ground in any environment.

Chair 18 x 36 is made of PEFC-certified oak wood. The chair is treated with natural linseed oil, to which a fungicide has been added. This makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Of course, the furniture can also be delivered untreated. With the chair is a matching (garden) table designed from the same slatted principle: Table 18 x 54

Note: The chair is currently only available without or with permanent upholstery. Outdoor cushions are currently under development, please contact us if interested.

  • Design chair for indoor and outdoor use
  • PEFC certified oak wood
  • Matching table available


Local production The Netherlands

PEFC certified Oak



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Chair 18 x 36 was designed by autonomous designer Floris Hovers. His Design surprises with its disarming simplicity. Not abstract minimalism, but the end result of a long process of reduction.

For this chair, Floris set himself the goal of designing a piece of furniture using only one type of slat (admittedly in two different lengths). By imposing this restriction on himself, a typical construction arose naturally. The entire chair is made of slats with a profile of 18 x 36 mm.

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untreated oak, linseed oil

in collection

since 2021


solid oak (PEFC)


Floris Hovers


finishing and assembly at Vij5, locally produced in the Netherlands


seat height approx. 45cm, height 82cm and 40cm wide