Malda (말다) means ‘to wrap’ in Korean. This minimalistic pendant lamp basically consists of a rolled-up sheet of Forbo Desktop linoleum.

The flexible material is cut into shape, simply rolled around an aluminium frame and then secured with an aluminium band. In this way a three-dimensionally shaped lampshade is constructed from a flat surface, using just a few simple production steps. The linoleum used for this lamp comes from residual streams from the furniture industry.

Including LED light source

Made in Eindhoven

Local production The Netherlands

Made from recycled materials


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Malda was designed by Studio PESI, a South Korean design studio founded by Byounghwi Jeon. He developed this lamp to explore a new method in which he wanted to construct a three-dimensional shaped lamp using only a few basic manufacturing processes. Malda literally ‘carries’ a piece of material as a lampshade, giving a stage to various colors and material properties.

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Discover the Vij5 steps in the process of Malda on the collection page with more images and background information!



Aluminium, Forbo Furniture Linoleum, Powder coating


4157 Pearl, 4166 Charcoal, 4174 Conifer, 4176 Mushroom, 4183 Pistachio, 4185 Powder


finishing and assembly at Vij5, locally produced in the Netherlands

light source

Including E27 dimmable LED light source 8W (replaces 60 Watt)

in collection

since 2020


diameter approx. 24 cm, height approx. 18 cm




Studio PESI