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Rapeseed wax candles

These candles are made of pure rapeseed wax and therefore naturally have a beautiful soft white porcelain colour.

Rapeseed wax is hydrogenated vegetable oil. It is a local product and a sustainable alternative to kerosene candles.

- Handmade in the Netherlands

- Fully biodegradable

- Small ecological footprint

- 100% vegetable

- Burn longer than regular candles


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Rapeseed wax is hardened vegetable oil and is grown in Europe and even in the Netherlands. A local product and a sustainable alternative to paraffin candles!

Rapeseed is grown in Europe and even in the Netherlands. It is a bright yellow flowering plant from the mustard or cabbage family that is often grown on fallow land, without pesticides. Especially as a soil improver in crop rotation, rapeseed enriches the soil structure through humus formation, after which subsequent harvests have better yields. In addition, rapeseed is beneficial for biodiversity because this richly flowering plant also serves as food for bees and other insects.

These candles are a perfect combination with the Fixum candleholder by Floris Hovers.



30cm long, approx. 22mm thick


rapeseed wax


produced locally in the Netherlands


box with 6 pieces