These cutting boards serve as useful everyday companions and additionally embellish your kitchen. The circle shaped handles are perfect to carry them around or to hang them on the wall, making a nice arrangement through a geometrical pattern. Decorative and functional at the same time!


Available in a medium size with a 3/4 black ring and a large version with half a ring on both sides.

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Plain Boards

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The Plain Boards are designed by Hanne Willmann. Hanne is a product designer based in Berlin. For her Design she is mainly concerned with furniture, lighting and accessories. Experimenting with different materials and all their numerous combinations forms the basis of all her work.

Hanne Willmann

"With an open mind and a strong dedication to the craft I am determined to fully reveal the essence of every piece I come across. My products share a great deal of individuality and confidence, yet retain their modesty.”

Hanne Willmann


The Plain Boards have been part of the Vij5 collection since 2019. At Vij5 we like to tell stories through our products. But we also understand that sometimes you just need beautiful, functional products without a complicated concept. Made with high quality materials and touched by a good designer. Simple, functional, everyday products to complement the more experimental and conceptual eye catchers in our collection and at your home. The Plain Boards are just that.

"The Plain Boards complement the more experimental and conceptual eye-catchers in our collection and at your home."

Arjan & Anieke


The Plain Boards are a practical addition to the special Prägen Boards that Hanne Willmann designed for Vij5 in 2017. The cutting boards are formally inspired by the existing Prägen Boards but, unlike the presentation boards, have no embossed side. This makes them ideally suited as functional cutting boards.


The Plain Boards are made of beech wood, a relatively softer wood that is ideal for keeping knives in good condition. Beech wood also has an anti bacterial effect. The Plain Boards are treated with grape seed oil and are therefore ready for use.

In the diagram on the right you can find the origin of all parts.


Plain Boards

Beech wood

wood 2 t

Beech wood, processed at Vij5 in Eindhoven (NL)


Black powder coated wire steel rings, produced in the Eindhoven region (NL)


Small 18 x 30 cm, with one black powder coated ring on the corner.

Medium 25 x 33 cm, with a black powder coated ring on both sides.

In Vij5 collection since 2019


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