Malda (말다) means ‘to wrap’ in Korean. This minimalist pendant lamp basically consists of a rolled-up sheet of Forbo Desktop linoleum.

The flexible material is cut into shape, simply rolled around an aluminum frame and then fixed with an aluminum band. In this way, a three-dimensionally shaped lampshade is constructed from a flat surface, using only a few simple manufacturing operations. The linoleum used for this lamp comes from waste streams from the furniture industry.

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the Vij5
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Transparency of the production chain comes naturally to us.

For us, that doesn't just mean giving information about where something has been produced. Our chain starts much earlier: with the designer of the product!

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Malda was designed by Studio PESI, a South Korean design studio founded by Byounghwi Jeon. He developed this lamp to explore a new method in which he wanted to construct a three-dimensional shaped lamp using only a few basic manufacturing processes.

Malda literally ‘carries’ a piece of material as a lampshade, giving a stage to various colors and material properties.

Studio PESI (image by Moojin Kim)

"My aim was to suggest a new method for creating a minimalist design lamp. A lamp where also the manufacturing process and the amount of materials used is simple and minimal, yet still creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere".

Byounghwi, Studio PESI


Malda has been part of the Vij5 collection since 2020. Arjan and Byounghwi met in Seoul, South Korea, during a Dutch trade mission in which Arjan participated in 2018. Since then we kept in touch and Byounghwi sent us a proposal for this lamp. We were immediately convinced that the aesthetics and idea behind this design would fit very well with the philosophy of Vij5. So we set to work straight away to further develop the design together.

Studio PESI originally designed Malda in bendable plywood. As a start, however, we opted for the sustainable and locally produced material Forbo Desktop linoleum. We had been looking for a while for a product to apply this material on and Malda turned out to be perfect for it. The construction of the lamp lends itself very well to versions in different flexible materials, so perhaps we will expand the collection in the future!


Malda was deliberately designed in such a way that not only the appearance of the lamp but also its manufacturing process would be minimalist.

Only three parts need to be produced as a basis;

Two aluminum parts are lasered for the construction: a round disc and a strap. These are then powder coated with a light structure coating. Then the strap is bent into shape.

For the lampshade, the material Forbo Desktop linoleum is used. This flexible material is glued together in two layers and then cut into shape.

Forbo Desktop linoleum is a sustainable and locally produced material. Because we don't need very large pieces of material for Malda, we are even using residual streams from the furniture industry.

For the construction of the lamp, the sheet of linoleum is simply rolled around the aluminum frame and then fixed with the aluminum strap and a number of nuts and bolts.

Finally, the socket and the power cord are attached to the lampshade.



Forbo Funiture Linoleum

Furniture Linoleum consists exclusively of natural ingredients and the special protective layer is Furniture Linoleum antistatic. Produced in Krommenie (NL).

Aluminium parts

Laser cut 1mm and 3mm thick aluminium parts produced n the Netherlands

Powder coating

Locally coated in Valkenswaard (NL) in a beautiful black fine-textured coating.

Light source including

led t

Standard delivered with a dimmable LED E27 lamp.


recycle icon

Made-to-measure brown cardboard packaging made from 80% recycled cardboard, produced in the Netherlands


Diameter approx. 24cm
Height approx. 18cm

In Vij5 collection since 2020


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