Glint literally means 'a small flash of light reflected by a shiny surface'. The Glint Light collection is exactly that; a reflection of light on two interlocking aluminium parts.

Because the graphically designed arms of the aluminium parts overlap and partly cover the light source, a splintered, poetic play of light is created. The light is diffused across the wall, floor and/or ceiling.

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The collection consists of two different types of lamps: a suspension lamp and a wall lamp. The aluminum parts are anodized in the colors 'black-copper' or 'champagne'. Both colours have a different effect on the reflection of the light and give the light its own intensity and quality.

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Glint Light

Transparency of the production chain comes naturally to us.

For us, that doesn't just mean giving information about where something has been produced. Our chain starts much earlier: with the designer of the product!

We'll tell you the whole story. Click on the buttons to discover the different steps:


The Glint Light is designed by Susanne de Graef. Susanne has a sincere predilection for textiles and light. Through the synthesis of innovation and attentive design, light acquires a different meaning for her. The result? Innovative design with a sense of craft, in the form of surprising, playful and inviting lighting designs that express astonishment.

For the design of the Glint Light, Susanne explored the genesis of artificial light, drawing inspiration from old Philips light bulb posters from the early 20th century. The light beams, dispersed from the lightbulb and beautifully illustrated as geometric patterns, show the essence of light and its effect. Susanne translated these patterns into shape and material to the Glint Light.

Susanne de Graef

Inspirational images from Philips archives 1918

Sketch models of the Glint in paper


Our first meeting with Susanne and her Glint Light was in London, where we both exhibited at London Design Fair 2017. We immediately noticed her innovative design with a traditional feel. By turning on the Glint Light, the shape and material are mixed with the effects of light, creating a beautiful interaction with the environment.


The design of the Glint Light was almost finished and Susanne had already had a first prototype series produced. With the help of an LED light expert we developed the technical part of the lamp together.


All parts of the Glint Light are made in the Netherlands. The lamp consists of two interlocking aluminium parts that are lasered from a plate and bent into shape with a special press.

Then the parts are anodised to strengthen the material and give colour to the aluminium. This is done at a company that specializes in the treatment of exterior facades for architecture. They have a very nice quiet and pure color series that the lamp really deserves.

Next, the LED parts are attached to the lamp and the two aluminium parts are woven together.


Glint Light


The aluminum parts for this lamp are laser cut at our steel manufacturer in Bergeijk (NL).

Then the parts are bent in Eindhoven (NL) so that they can be assembled after the next step.


Anodising takes place in Roosendaal (NL).

LED & Assembly

The LED components are integrated into the lamp , including a diffuser for a nice quiet light distribution.

led t

The LED is dimmable using the dimmable LED driver (dimmer itself not included).

Production in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL)

handmade t

The assembly of the lamp is also done here.


recycle icon

Made-to-measure brown cardboard packaging made from 80% recycled cardboard, produced in the Netherlands


Diameter 41.5 cm
Depth 10 cm

In Vij5 collection since 2019

Anodizing is a common treatment method for aluminum in which the oxide film provides a protective layer on the aluminum. The oxide film is fully integrated into the material and forms a strong molecular bond.


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