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Lloop lamp configurator

The Lloop lamp is adjustable in height by extending or shortening the loop of the electricity cable which comes as the result of a wooden piece attached to the cable. With this, the function becomes decoration; simple and clear with no hidden techniques.

The included wooden piece is meant to create a loop in the cable. By carefully sliding the wooden piece you can make the loop in the power cable bigger or smaller. This allows you to adjust the lamp in height: a large loop makes a high lamp, a small loop makes a low lamp.

View the configurator of the larger Lloop XL lamp here

How does it work?

On the right-hand side, you can choose from 22 cords and 19 colours for the outside of the shade. You can also change the inside of the lamp. You can keep changing until you have found your perfect combination.

By clicking on this icon, you can create a picture of your lamp.


  • Cable

    • Specials:  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RF15 ICON 1

      Specials: Fluor RF15 +€20  20,00

    • Lloop configurator RX09 ICON

      Specials: Mix cotton RF09 +€20  20,00

    • Lloop configurator RN06 ICON

      Cotton natural RN06 +€20  20,00

    • Lloop configurator ERM47 ICON

      Specials: candy cane ERM47 +€20  20,00

    • Lloop configurator RL00 ICON

      Specials: Glitter RL00 +€20  20,00

    • Copper & Brass  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RR11 ICON

      Genuine copper RR11 +€50  50,00

    • Lloop configurator RM22 ICON

      Copper colour RM22  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RR13 ICON

      Genuine brass RR13 +€50  50,00

    • Lloop configurator RM05 ICON

      Brass colour RM05  0,00

    • Plain:  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM00 ICON

      Off white RM00  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM01 ICON

      White RM01  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM02 ICON

      White gloss RM02  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM03 ICON

      Dark grey RM03  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM04 ICON

      Black RM04  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM07 ICON

      Lilac RM07  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM12 ICON 1

      Blue RM12  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM13 ICON

      Dark brown RM13  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM16 ICON

      Pink RM16  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM17 ICON

      Light blue RM17  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM19 ICON

      Burgundy RM19  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM20 ICON

      Dark blue RM20  0,00

    • Lloop configurator RM21 ICON

      Dark green RM21  0,00

  • Exterior color

    • Polished:  0,00

    • LLOOP outside copper detail

      Polished copper  20,00

    • LLOOP outside brass detail

      Polished brass  20,00

    • Classics:  0,00

    • RAL9005 black detail

      Black RAL9005  0,00

    • NCS 1002 B light gray detail

      Light grey NCS-1002-B  0,00

    • NCS 1020 G Mint detail

      Mint green NCS-1020-G  0,00

    • RAL9016 white detail

      White RAL9016  0,00

    • LLOOP outside blu detail

      Dark blue NCS-R7119-R65B  0,00

    • Pastel shades:  0,00

    • NCS 0403 Y24R Ivory detail 1

      Ivory NCS-0403-Y24R  0,00

    • NCS 0620 Y63R Salmon detail

      Salmon NCS-0620-Y63R  0,00

    • NCS 1030 R60B lilac detail

      Lilac NCS-1030-R60B  0,00

    • NCS 0520 R20B pink detail

      Pink NCS-0520-R20B  0,00

    • NCS 2010 Y30R beige detail

      Beige NCS-2010-Y30R  0,00

    • NCS 1030 B light blue detail

      Light blue NCS-1030-B  0,00

    • Other colours:  0,00

    • NCS 5502 B dark gray detail

      Dark grey NCS-5502-B  0,00

    • NCS 7117 Y55R Brown detail

      Brown NCS-7117-Y55R  0,00

    • NCS 3060 R80B blue detail

      Blue NCS-3060-R80B  0,00

    • NCS 5040 R10B Bordeaux detail

      Bordeaux NCS-5040-R10B  0,00

    • NCS 5540 G Green detail

      Green NCS-5540-G  0,00

    • NCS 0540 Y Yellow detail

      Yellow NCS-0540-Y  0,00

  • Inside

    • LLOOP outside copper detail

      Polished copper  40,00

    • LLOOP outside brass detail

      Polished brass +€20  40,00

    • RAL9016 white detail

      White RAL9016  0,00

    • NCS 5502 B dark gray detail

      Same color as exterior  0,00

  • Ceiling cap

    • blank Standard white plastic ceiling cap  0,00

    • blank Matching ceiling cap, spray-painted in the same colour and with the same pull-out star +€40  40,00

  • Light source

    • LED ICON Including E27 dimmable 8W LED light source  10,00

    • blank Without light source -€10  0,00

  • Background

    • Config background white 3

      No background  0,00

    • Configurator background HAKA 1

      Concrete  0,00

    • Configurator background setting01 1

      Concrete  0,00

Price  379,00

 In stock

Lloop lamp


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Ø 281 mm, height 183 mm

in collection

since 2009

light source

Including E27 dimmable LED light source 8W (replaces 60 Watt)


solid copper, solid brass






checked and packed by Vij5, produced in the workshop of/by the designer himself, locally produced in the Netherlands, parts from Italy