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Le Belge System (cabinet system)

This cabinet system is based on the elasticity of wood.

Local production The Netherlands

Own colour choice possible

PEFC approved Oak wood


 979,00 -  1.799,00

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The flexibility of solid oak combined with wing screws allows for easy construction of the cabinet. The sticks are inserted into specially designed slots in the planks and then securely clamped to the planks by the wing screws.

This makes the cabinet expandable, adaptable, flat-packable, easy to assemble and adjust without using tools.

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set 4, set 8, set 12, set 16


brass, green, white, pink, black


finishing and assembly at Vij5, locally produced in the Netherlands

in collection

since 2011


solid oak (PEFC), solid brass wing screw, Osmo hard wax oil