OBJECT Rotterdam and Design District 2022

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Last weeks we showed new developments within the Vij5 collection at two leading design events in Rotterdam. From May 20-22 we were part of the anniversary edition of OBJECT Rotterdam and from June 8-19 we presented Vij5 during the trade event Design District. In the coming period we will officially launch the new products, so not all of them can be found on our website yet. Want to get a taste of what's to come? Then read on.

Photography: Vij5

About OBJECT Rotterdam

OBJECT is a unique pop-up platform for design labels, well-known designers, and up-and-coming talents. It's on the cutting edge of design, crafts, fashion, architecture, and art and is a must-see for people interested in interior, design lovers, art professionals, and collectors. For us, it is the perfect opportunity to show the Vij5 collection to real design lovers in a beautiful setting.

The beauty of the HAKA building

Every year, OBJECT settles in an iconic building in or around Rotterdam. This year it was again the beautiful HAKA building, where our presentation was located on the second floor. The HAKA building is a completely stripped architectural monument dating from the thirties. It is always a beautiful setting for our collection.

About Design District

Design District is the best trade event for interior design in the Netherlands. During 3 days, an exhibition floor of more than 10,000 m² is filled with presentations of the 200 most beautiful interior design brands. You will also find exhibitions of design academies and young designers and you can attend one or more lectures. For us a great moment to meet and update the interior design professionals we work with. The monumental Van Nelle Factory provides an inspiring setting.

Honest enthusiasm

What goes without saying for us during every exhibition we participate in is that we, Arjan & Anieke, are present ourselves every day to provide visitors with information. As publishers, we work from content: the product and the story behind it are our priority. No smooth sales pitches, but honest enthusiasm about our products which we would like to share with you Share!


Our presentations of course first featured the new products added to the Vij5 collection in the past year:

- Chair 18 x 36 from Floris Hovers is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The chair gets its name from the dimensions of the profile of the slats (in mm) used for its construction. In fact, if you look closely, you can see that the furniture is constructed from all the same slats.

- The Tangents Mirror by Jenna Postma is playful in its simplicity. Because the metal frame on the back of the mirror leans casually against the wall, it ensures that the mirror stays put very easily. In addition, the frame provides space for a number of clothes hangers. A subtle, graphic and functional interplay of lines.


Especially for OBJECT, we also showed previews of two new products:

The handy Flip Desk by Swiss designer Charles O. Job. This super-thin folding workstation, whose hinge is inspired by that of a laptop, combines a storage compartment with a work surface and is fixed to the wall. Designed as a utensil that performs its function as simply and unobtrusively as possible, without sacrificing elegance and aesthetic quality.

A new, vertical version of the Coatrack by the Meter by Maarten Baptist to complement the existing system. Maarten has a penchant for industrial tube lasering and used this technique to create a coat rack with minimal residual waste. The vertical version will be available in a freestanding version and three wall versions. The tube size of the new version is the same as the original Coatrack by the Meter and can therefore also be incorporated into the system allowing new combinations to be made.

New colors

There were also a number of new color variations of existing products on display. For the wooden products, we use pigmented linseed oil for this, allowing us to give color to these items in a very natural way. All new colors were chosen in collaboration with the respective designers.

The Dressed Cabinet by Puck Dieben (a cabinet you can "dress up" by weaving fabric through and around the frame) in RAL1000 with a matching Canvas fabric by Kvadrat.

A special edition of the Angled Cabinet (a display cabinet constructed with striking nodes where all three beams touch each other equally) designed by Studio Thier & van Daalen.

The LookShelf (a solid oak bookshelf on which you present your favorite book) by Daphna Laurens gets a new look in three new colors.

The Epaulette frames of Ida Noemi & Caroline Olsson we also treated with pigmented linseed oil and will soon be available in three new colors.

The new colour for the Coatrack by the Meter (a cleverly designed coatrack with minimal waste) designed by Maarten Baptist is 'Anodic Gold'. A golden yellow colour with a slight sheen that goes well with both ochre yellow and brass.

Coming up

Would you like to meet us sometime and/or see the Vij5 collection in real life ? Then come by during the next exhibition we participate in: Dutch Design Week! This is scheduled for October 22-30, 2022. The next edition of Design District will take place from June 7-9, 2023.