This series of tables combines the special material NewspaperWood with a special steel construction: by cutting away material in the corners of the steel profiles it became possible to bend the legs into shape. The dimensions of the different tabletops are inspired by the dimensions of tabloid-format newspapers (hence the name of the tables) but can also be made to measure.

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Tabloid Tables

The dimensions of the different tabletops are inspired by the dimensions of tabloid-format newspapers but can also be made to measure. The tabletops are made of greyboard 'plywood' as carrier, covered with a layer of NewspaperWood veneer. NewspaperWood is made of newsprint and has similar aesthetic aspects as real wood. By using greyboard as carrier, the material remains recyclable. As a finishing touch, the panel is coated with a water-based lacquer. For the side table and coffee table, combinations of oak and NewspaperWood panels can also be made. It goes without saying that the tables can also be made entirely in oak.

Tabloid Desk

This asymmetrical desk combines NewspaperWood with oak. The dimensions of the desk are inspired by the dimensions of tabloid-format newspapers but the panels can also be made to measure in any desired size. The NewspaperWood panel consists of a thin layer of NewspaperWood veneer, glued on greyboard 'plywood'. NewspaperWood is made of newsprint and has similar aesthetic aspects as real wood. By using greyboard as a backing, the material remains recyclable. As a finishing touch, the panel is coated with a water-based lacquer. The oak panel is solid and finished with OSMO hard wax oil.

Please note: the tables are only suitable for indoor use.

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Tabloid Table

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The Tabloid Tables are designed by Floris Hovers and since 2012 part of the Vij5 collection. Together with the Sample Series and the Framed cabinet, the Tabloid Tables represent the introduction of the NewspaperWood material in our collection. The tables are literally designed around the material, inspired by the dimensions of tabloid-format newspapers.

Floris Hovers was one of the designers who contributed to the NewspaperWood collection we presented in Milan in 2011. For this he made the cabinet 'Press to Open' in which he applied NewspaperWood as a veneer. The cabinet remained a unique prototype, but the veneer attracted our attention. We wanted to use it as a tabletop and were looking for a solid construction with a nice detailing. Coincidentally, Floris had an interesting steel construction in his portfolio that offered a perfect combination. That is how the Tabloid Tables came into being.

Floris Hovers


The Tabloid Tables have been created in a special way. Where for most designers an idea for a product is the basis for a collaboration with Vij5, in the case of Studio Mieke Meijer it was an idea for a material!

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NewspaperWood (or KrantHout in Dutch) was conceived by Mieke Meijer and included in the Vij5 collection with the aim of applying this material to a number of products in the Vij5 collection. Together with Studio Mieke Meijer we started to further develop NewspaperWood.

Read here an interview with Mieke Meijer about the origins of NewspaperWood.

NewspaperWood allows newsprint, which is made of wood, to return to wood. When sawing, the layers of paper appear as the annual rings of a tree. As a result, the material has surprisingly many similarities with the properties of real wood.

Mieke Meijer

Soon we found out that developing a material is very different from developing a product. But at a certain point the step to design could be made! We already had ideas of our own, but we also thought it would be fun to let other designers work with the material in order to explore and show the possibilities with NewspaperWood in a broad sense. To do this, we selected a group of designers, each with their own perspectives on the material and applied it in a product. The first prototypes of this were presented in Milan in 2011, including the product 'Press to Open' from Floris Hovers , which is actually the forerunner of the Tabloid Tables (see also DESIGN + CURATE).

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"Floris Hovers was one of the first designers we selected to work with this unique material".

Arjan & Anieke


This product is made with the original material NewspaperWood. NewspaperWood is a contemporary material that contributes to the circular economy: an existing production process is reversed by making wood from paper again. Residual material from the paper industry is made into a high quality material that resembles real wood. Countless layers of newsprint are processed into a veneer and give the material a special wood-like grain structure. The unique character of NewspaperWood is determined by the visible traces of printed letters, photos, advertisements and graphic elements of the newsprint.

More information about this material can be found here:

In the material passport you can find where and by whom the different parts of this product are made.


Tabloid Tables

Steel frame

The frame is made of standard steel T-sections by our steel manufacturer in Eersel (NL).

After this, the tables in our region in Valkenswaard (NL) are powder coated.

NewspaperWood panels

handmade t

The NewspaperWood veneer is further processed into panels at Vij5 . The sheets are also lacquered twice with an extra matt protective layer, a water-based lacquer layer.

Oak panels

wood 2 t

The tables with oak panels are made of PEFC certified solid oak from France, processed by our aste furniture workshop in Kelpen-Oler (NL).

In Vij5 collection since 2011


All Tabloid Tables are custom and made to order. Would you like to see the Tabloid Tables first in real life ? In our showroom in Eindhoven we still have one show model of the side table variant.

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