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Glint Light (pendant lamp, studio model)

'Glint' literally means 'a small flash of light reflected from a shiny surface'. The Glint Light collection is just that; a reflection of light on two interlocking aluminum Share.

NOTE: This is a 'studio model' of the Glint Light, a series of lamps made just before they came into our collection. They are mainly colors that we do not carry and we have changed some details in the production but otherwise they are the same lamps.

Local production The Netherlands

Including LED light source

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Because the graphically designed arms of the aluminium parts overlap and partly cover the light source, a splintered, poetic play of light is created. The light is diffused across the wall, floor and/or ceiling.

The collection consists of two different types of lamps: a pendant and wall lamp. The aluminum Share are anodized in different colors. Each color has a different effect on the reflection of light and gives the light its own intensity and quality.

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Studio Susanne de Graef


studio series wall lamp black-brass




diameter 41.5 cm, depth 10 cm

in collection

since 2019

light source

wall version includes driver on plug, dimmable pendant lamp includes ceiling cap and dimmer




checked and packed by Vij5, locally produced in the Netherlands