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In the Vij5 podcast Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst (founders of Vij5) take you into their world by talking to each other and other people from their network.

Episode 2 - Step 2 of Vij5: Collecting

In this episode Arjan and Anieke talk to each other about the subject of 'collecting'.

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You can listen to this podcast (in Dutch) on various platforms via (by Spotify) or directly via the link below:

From our studio & showroom in Eindhoven, we fulfil a connecting role between designers, makers and buyers. We always go through 5 important steps.

Collecting is the second step in our process: in the role of curator we decide whether something will be included in the Vij5 collection or not. This choice is very personal: we only include products that make our heart beat faster. In this episode, we explain with what intention we make our choices. 

"We only include products in the collection that make our hearts beat faster. In this episode, we explain the intention behind our choices. “

Arjan & Anieke

We want to have a good 'click' with both the designer ánd the product. Many of the collaborations under our brand start as a friendship. It's especially fun to work together! Sometimes things go wrong during the process, and then we have to be able to find solutions together.

We can be just as excited (or even more excited) about someone else's product as we are about our own. The Vij5 collection reflects our personal taste in design. We love pure, sustainable and honest materials. A clear line and an eye for detail is what characterises our products.

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