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Precious Memories | designer photo frame, solid ash wood, colored linseed oil

by Isabel Quiroga

These elegant picture frames consist of just a few simple parts: a colored wooden block, a glass panel, a back plate of gold aluminum and a wooden wedge to hold everything firmly in place. The wooden block is treated with pigmented linseed oil. Notable for both its design and functionality, this product provides an easy way to display photos, drawings or postcards.

Photo frames are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to create your own personal landscape of memories.

This versatile product can be used horizontally or vertically, with or without a passe-partout, making it perfect for creating your ideal photo display.

Note: This is an exclusive pre-sale of the latest handmade picture frames by Isabel Quiroga. Each block is unique in both size and color. Different types of wood have also been used. Soon the production of the Precious Memory designer photo frames will be taken over by Vij5 and will be more standardized. This series still has gold anodized back plates, but in the future production series this will probably be replaced by stainless steel.

Want to get your hands on a unique copy? Be quick because gone = gone!

Dimensions: A4, 13 x 18cm and 10 x 15cm

 49,00 -  69,00

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Creating beautiful memories makes life valuable. With this idea in mind, Isabel Quiroga designed these beautiful photo frames, which stand out in both design and function. They offer an elegant way to display photographs, drawings or postcards, literally placing them on a pedestal and holding them firmly between glass and aluminum with a wooden wedge.

Isabel Quiroga's Design are loved for their combination of imagination and functionality. Her focus is entirely on the purpose of a product, but thanks to her innovative approach, she achieves a subtle balance between practicality and unique originality. During the process of creating each new design, she carefully adapts and refines it, resulting in well-thought-out items that excel in both form and function.



pink, light purple, dark green, red, dark blue, bright yellow, soft yellow, walnut, ash natural, blue, light blue


A4 21cm x 29.7cm, 13cm x 18cm, 10cm x 15cm


Isabel Quiroga



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