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In the Vij5 podcast Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst (founders of Vij5) invite you into their world by starting a conversation with each other and various people from their network!

Episode 3 - Step 3 of Vij5: Translate

In this episode Arjan and Anieke talk to each other about the subject 'Translate'.

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From our studio & showroom in Eindhoven, we fulfil a connecting role between designers, makers and buyers. We always go through 5 important steps.

Translate is the third step in our process: to turn a concept into a product to be produced, a translation is needed. We ensure that the designer and the maker(s) remain closely involved in this process.

"In this podcast we explain why 'Translate' is the central stage of our process and how we play a connecting role in it."

Arjan & Anieke

Some designers are already very advanced when we come into contact with them. But it can also be that we are involved in the design process at an earlier stage and then we give input in that phase as well. That's what we like best.

When translating a concept, we do not base our choices on price, but on content. We are persevering and proactive when it comes to product development and do not give up easily!

We regularly convince a producer to try something new to make sure that a product will be as the designer intended it to be. In doing so, we often tread the boundaries of the possibilities within a material or technique: in our view, the moment where development and innovation take place.

In this podcast we explain why 'Translate' is the central phase of our process and how we play a connecting role in it.

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