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This table is unique in its sturdiness and robustness and has the same idiosyncratic combination of solid oak with plywood and hpl as the chair in the series.

This specific S-Table is basically 3 meters long and 90cm wide and available from stock. A number of these tables were used during an exhibition during the Dutch Design Week and therefore they were 110 cm high. This last one is available, but not standard in the collection.

It has two small pits in the HPL top layer, in the case of length 300cm. But if it is 180cm, the top is perfect.

It can also be lowered to normal table height (e.g. 74cm or 76cm).

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The 's-Table was originally designed for the education space of the Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch together with the 's-Chair.

The HPL top layer provides a colour image, but is also a multi-functional and wear-resistant worktop.

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110cm, normal table height 76cm


180cm, 200cm, 240cm, 300cm

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