Framed (unique item)

Framed is a series of distinctive cabinets with a well thought-out and detailed construction.

NOTE: This is the last cabinet from the unique series 'Coloured NewspaperWood' which we made for the Milan expo. This particular cabinet is made with the Italian newspapers 'La Gazetta della Sport' and there is no other like it. The color of the cabinet itself is inspired by the color of the newspaper and thus forms a beautiful dialogue.


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The cabinets are specially designed by Breg Hanssen around the material NewspaperWood. The cabinet consists of a solid steel frame which can be supplied as a system in various designs and colours. During the design process, Breg was particularly fascinated by the colour of the material NewspaperWood. Or rather the "non-colour". To emphasise this characteristic, he chose to incorporate the NewspaperWood in a piece of furniture in which he combined it with contrasting "well-colours".

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finishing and assembly at Vij5, locally produced in the Netherlands

in collection

since 2011


powder coating, steel