Fibonacci Fabrics cushions

Fibonacci Fabrics is a series of sophisticated textile products based on the famous Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical relationship that recurs throughout nature.


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100% Organic cotton

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Textile designer Jolijn Fiddelaers designed an extensive collection based on the Fibonacci series in which colour fields, patterns and embroidery meet.

Fibonacci Fabrics shows that sustainable design is created where tradition and innovation melt together and bring each other to a higher level. For this collection, Jolijn made a beautiful combination of Indian craftsmanship and Dutch design. It is her mission to "cherish tradition and embrace innovation". She takes her time to understand the essence of the crafts and to create new forms from there. By doing so, she brings a new perspective within the existing frameworks and contributes to the wonderful skills of Indian craftsmen.

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combination set, one of each, 35×50 in beige, 35×50 in beige set of 2, 40×40 in pink, 40×40 in pink set of 2, 55×55 in green, 55×55 in green set of 2


Jolijn Fiddelaers


Fair-trade produced in India under the supervision of Jolijn, inspected and packed by Vij5

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